Tuesday 27th of October 2020
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Hello my name is Aaron I am 6 years old, and this is my webpage.  I know that it is important that I know the 10 Commandments, and my Daddy does too, and uncle Baruch knows this too and Vince too and everybody else on earth should know them too.  They should obey the 10 commandments so they will be smart and they will know about YHWH, cause He’s the Boss and because He is good to us.  And if we follow the 10 commandments YHWH says He will give us long life.  Here is a poster that talks about the 10 Commandments and it has the first commandment on the RIGHT side of the poster, that’s because Hebrew reads from the RIGHT.  So now if you look at your right hand, palms facing up the FIRST COMMANDMENT is your Right thumb, the second is your pointer finger and so on.  I hope that you will learn the 10 Commandments like I am doing.


aaron-ten-commandments-1 poster aaron-ten-commandments aaron-ten-commandments-2