Wednesday 12th of August 2020
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I celebrate birthdays? Yes No 
I believe YHWH ordained birthday celebrations? Yes No 
I celebrate the birthday of Jesus (Yeshua)? Yes No 
It's ok to celebrate birthdays on Shabbat or any other Set Apart (holy) time? Yes No 
Jews, JW's or Moslems are legalists for not celebrating birthdays? Yes No 
There is Scriptural precedent for the celebration of birthdays? Yes No 
Pagan culture was the first to begin celebrating birthdays? Yes No 
I want you to share my comments with others? Yes No 


Why the Survey?

Many followers of Mashiyach do not celebrate birthdays, neither of course is Yeshua’s birthday ever celebrated according to Scripture.  While there is nothing wrong to acknowledge one’s birthday and age, why make a boast in the flesh about it?  Why was Y’shua given a pagan birthday party (he didn’t ask for) “in the name of Jesus” each year on the same day as the rebirth of the sun-day (Tammuz worship)?  Why did the Christo-Pagan Roman Catholic Church institute Christmas (Christ’s Mass) on the very day of a very famous sex god?  Why do Christians follows the traditions of the Catholic Church who claims to have the authority to change laws and times and institute such a barbaric event in honor of JeZeus?

Contrary to the pagan practices of the Laodicean churches, the original Netzarim followers of Yeshua were known to celebrate the Moedim (appointed times) of YHWH with much enthusiasm and gratitude knowing that Yeshua is the substance of these celebrations.  On the Moedim each soul in attendance is appreciated and honored both individually and collectively as YHWH’s peculiar treasure.  Each of theMoedim establishes the foundation of the new birth in Mashiyach, the Moedim and those who celebrate them are set apart unto YHWH.  Whereas birthdays have pagan origins and are after the tradition of men, on what authority do Christians claim that cult practices which originated in paganism are harmless today?

While it honorable to number the days and years of our lives, it is another thing to endow oneself with pomp and circumstance on the anniversary of one’s birth.  Certainly we know of the length of days of many righteous men in Scriptures, but NONE of these men have ever been recorded as having a birthday party for themselves, and there is very good reason why this might be.

Many find it imperative to remember to inform others of their physical birthday in the Roman calendar, or to remember the birthdays of their loved ones, but how many Christians honor their their “rebirth-day” when they were baptized into “the Church”? How many Christians pay attention to when their birthdays occurred according to the Hebrew calendar as it coincides with YHWH’s Set Times?  Isn’t it true that some Christians even announce their Birthdays with expectation of receiving gifts from others?  To publicly state birthdays and ages of individuals within the Body of Mashiyach is a warm and healthy way to acknowledge the brotherhood, without becoming excessive.  But there is no authority in the Kingdom of Elohim that advocates the celebration of ones birthday.  Why not?  The answer may shock you, for more click on should birthdays be celebrated?

Let each one be fully convinced in the Ruach HaKodesh,

“For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you,

not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly,

according as Elohim has dealt to every man the measure of faith.”  

Romans 12:3

YHWH be with you,

Baruch Ben Daniel

PS after running this survey for a while it appears as there are some who are legalistically, hell bent on celebrating their birthdays… and… there are some who are legalistically hell bent on NOT celebrating their birthdays.  Now, if we removed the “legalistically” hell bent attitudes from both sides of this issue… what do think we would end up with?  Maybe we should add that question to the survey?  Put your reply in the comments box if you like. 🙂