Wednesday 25th of November 2020
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Netzari beyt K’nesset

 Kehilat Beyt Avraham

Central Ohio, USA.

Anyone in the Central Ohio area who is looking for Netzari Fellowship is going to love this!!!
Look what we got here, a lively group of Netzari are sharing their LOVE of haMashiyach
and Torah and bringing the Malchut Elohim into the lives of others. 
Check this out!  They ran this ad in their local paper.

And then along with some good old Kosher cookin free of charge,
anyone who showed up had a time to join in with some worship and dance in Mashiyach,
here’s the worship team.

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Sounds like they’ll be doing another one of these real soon,
so if you want to join in give a call:
Ezra at KBA Synagogue of Fredericktown at .
Shalom v’Simcha!