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Shalom Chaverim,

If you’ve visited this site over any length of time you’ve probably noticed that articles are being updated from time to time, and, sometimes completely re-written.  The reason is simply that perfection is the journey not the destination, my soul like everyone else needs refinement.  As we experience Mashiyach we learn and grow into his Ways, we don’t get all Truth in one big download.  This website is a discussion about living in Mashiyach, for me it is also the process of learning how to communicate and I admit my failings and limited capabilities in this process, but we have to do what we have to do… and it seems to me that YHWH uses those who simply say “Hineni”… here I am Father YHWH, help me be a servant.

The Faith I’m learning and teaching is labeled Netzari Judaism, but like any other label not everyone who applies the label reflects Mashiyach, anymore than all Christians reflect the “image of Christ” or all Orthodox Jews reflect all the ideals of rabbinical Judaism.   The Netzari (little sprout) is derived from Isaiah 11:1, it speaks of a little shoot or sprout that grows out of the root of Yishai (Jesse), it speaks of a very non-threatening and progressive walk (halakha) for each of us.  “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder…” (Isaiah 9:6) so that being said let’s see if we can all play in the sandbox together and learn to see Mashiyach in others.  Similarly to Orthodox Judaism and Christianity, Netzarim trust that Mashiyach is bringing his government to earth, not a new religion.  Mashiyach is the only Government Who correctly interprets and applies Justice (Torah), he is also the one who establishes perfect halakha (the way to walk) not by religion or man’s governments.

Mashiyach brought his government to earth but haSatan (the Adversary) turned it into diverse religions.  Unlike Orthodox Judaism, Mashiyach ben Yoseph came in the Spirit of YHWH to elucidate ALL of mankind about YHWH’s Heavenly Government, a Government that is not of this world.  There is no hierarchy according to blood or race in the Kingdom of YHWH, this can easily be proven by a simple survey from Genesis to Revelation.  The Government of Mashiyach is a Spiritual Kingdom and extends into the natural world according to Mashiyach ben David.  The Torah is going forth from Tsiyon (Zion the Hill or Seat of Government) and the Word of YHWH from Jerusalem because Mashiyach is not only Mashiyach to Jews but all souls and living beings.  It is YHWH’s decision to send Mashiyach to mankind as the head of His Torah based government.

Netzarim believers do not worship “a man” called Y’shua.  We worship YHWH through His Mashiyach Y’shua, Who came to this earth in the Spirit of Mashiyach, but in the form of a human being called Y’shua.  The man of Y’shua and his flesh and his emotions were animated by the Ruach haKodesh according to the Spirit of YHWH which is the Spirit of Mashiyach.  It can be shown in Aramaic and Hebrew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Y’shua never claimed that his flesh was YHWH, and not even his soul, if he would have done such thing it would have disqualified him from being Mashiyach.  The fact of the matter is that when we look into ancient Hebrew and Aramaic texts we discover that YHWH Himself is our Saviour and He is the One who gives the anointing of His Set Apart Spirit.

It’s not an unusual thing that YHWH could impart His Spirit into a human body.  In Genesis 18 we read,

And YHWH appeared unto him in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day; And he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself toward the ground,”

this is a very famous passage of Scripture where YHWH appears in the form of a man.  But it wasn’t the flesh of the man or even the soul of the man that was YHWH, but the Ruach haKodesh that came while indwelling the man.  We also see the Memra of YHWH (the Word) appearing as a man AND we read in Psalm 110:5 in Hebrew,“YHWH at your right hand” will shatter kings on the day of his anger.”  YHWH is Spirit, He is not a man.

Muslims seek a Kingdom that will bring peace, harmony and prosperity.  Daily prayer is made in conjunction with the ideals that Mohammed taught, but Muslims do not worship Mohammed, they recognize Allah as the Supreme and Merciful Being who will one day bring harmony to the earth, this ideal has many elements that are consistent with Mashiyach, but it is simply a religious ideal of one man.  In day to day life Muslim disciplines of prayer and community living are consistent with what Mashiyach taught, and therefore on these points of agreement our Muslim friends must also be honored and respected in Mashiyach when in fact they are proceeding on their journey towards him.  I don’t say that all religious people are journeying towards Mashiyach, most are choosing to make war against YHWH and His Mashiyach by elevating religious above the Truth of YHWH’s Word but it is not we who judge another man’s servant.

The Kingdom of Elohim is based on the spiritual not physical seed of Abraham, but Modern Orthodox Judaism evaluates Jewish identity according to physical seed and lineage, and according to a physical kingdom that puts the cart before the horse.  All religions teach they are custodians of the government of Mashiyach regardless if they acknowledge Y’shua as Mashiyach.  Every religion feels they have the answer to world peace and justice and yet the fact remains that it was Netzarim Judaism, the original Gospel only that Mashiyach himself chose to represent himself first to his own and then to all the nations on earth.

Goals of this Website

Over the course of my life I’ve met hundreds of souls who’ve told me that something is missing in their lives which I can relate to.  I know what it means to live as a minority, as I’ve travelled the most interesting people I’ve met are those who feel like strangers on this planet.  Many have been estranged by communities, families, loved ones and all manner of religious organizations because the Spirit inside of them has opened their eyes to Mashiyach and they see the differences between religion and his government, a very stark difference indeed.  If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.  Over the last decade there has been a groundswell of Jews and Christians who are leaving mainstream religions because they can see that religion is stone cold dead and very destructive.  The pride and bigotry within “conventional” or traditional religion goes on year by year because the hierarchies love it that way.  It is in fact the leadership of religion that requires the bigotry and condescending attitudes to persist as a way of legitimizing their own existence.  Well if there were good will on earth and peace to all men, why would you need a Rabbi or Pastor or Priest to tell you how to live.

I can make such a statement from personal experience as a youth pastor, then pastor then rabbi who simply only wants to follow Mashiyach without the politics, but wherever two or three are gathered with a bit of money and some religious ideas, there is politics and people get hurt.  But this is not the way of Mashiyach, he came and offered us a far better way for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear his voice.

Righteousness Raises the Value of Life

There is a Jewish saying that “for the value of one human life, all the world exists.”  Each soul is precious to YHWH beyond comprehension, we know this because we are all created in the Image of the Most High Creator.  Righteousness teaches us to respect the lives of all others and protect their and our own lives, even if others have little or no respect for their life or lives of others.

Righteousness causes us to look beyond our own needs.  The Author of Righteousness gives us hope and solutions that are not otherwise accessible when we abrogate His Ways.  We forgive.  We trust.  We grow.  Truth cannot be defeated.  Righteousness is truth that will always find its way to victory.  We understand about conscience and duty, and we choose to ask for YHWH’s guidance that will direct us through all reconciliation towards justice and peace.  We speak to our hearts and train our hearts to lead us in the paths of righteousness for His Names sake.

Y’shua exemplifies mercy and respect for all life, He teaches that the strong must protect the weak.

Y’shua gave instruction in Torah that is merciful and just to all souls equally.  Religion divides, truth unites.

Y’shua is the one who fulfills the prophecies of Mashiyach Ben Yoseph.  He will return and fulfill the latter reign prophecies of Mashiyach Ben David.

Y’shua is not sectarian, He extends His Kingdom to all souls.  Torah brings liberty, freedom and power.

Y’shua established the Torah, he is the master of Shabbat, because he taught us how to observe Shabbat, not by religious standards, but through a relationship with his Father YHWH.  All the Moedim (appointments of YHWH) are for everyone to experience upon entering the Kingdom of Elohim.  It is impossible to understand the “spiritual worlds” unless one enters in by living righteously (Observing Torah) and entering into YHWH’s Set Times, or Appointments.  Religious people see theologies, do’s and don’ts and refuse to enter into Shabbat because it is a don’t for them, they are under religious hierarchical authority that cannot see the entrance ways of Mashiyach.

Y’shua is haMashiyach, regardless of how he has been painted by institutionalized religions, his name means “YHWH is Salvation” and he fulfilled “all righteousness” in the Spirit of YHWH Tsidkenu (our righteousness).  He is the door to life through which we must enter into Life by being obedient and humble, and yet we encounter much resistance as we enter because man’s religions impede progressive spiritual maturity into the thngs of Mashiyach.  Some will say that following Y’shua, “is too Jewish” or “too old testament” because of their religious traditions, but a very common obstinate and rebellious cliche’ is that “we don’t have to” and “it’s all done away with today.”

Y’shua Mashiyach came as a Son to carry out His Father’s will.  He put Torah (instruction in righteousness) into the hearts of men.  The work of the Ruach haKodesh (Set Apart – Holy Spirit) is not to crush our will, but to nurture our will and gifts and abilities according to righteousness.  As a child needs to be nurtured in love, so must each of us be transformed into the image of Elohim, according to Mashiyach’s example for us.

Y’shua was martyred because of invoking the Name of Yahweh (according to Talmud) and by speaking according to the Spirit of YHWH.  YHWH demands that we remove the names of pagan deities out of our mouths, all of them, so that we will learn to honor Yahweh according to how He revealed Himself to us, not according to mans traditions about Him.  We are not to prefer religion or other values of man over the Word of YHWH.  YHWH is Kadosh, (set apart from iniquity) and His Name is Kadosh.  It is tradition and false religion that has removed the Name of YHWH from peoples lips.  YHWH distinguishes Himself as One who cannot be corrupted by injustice, the invocation of the Name of YHWH is Kadosh and must be reverenced by all of His creation.

Y’shua taught that religious people negate “the commandments of YHWH” by imposing their own religious traditions.  This inflamed religious sectarian Jews who were and are very busy trying to set up their own kingdoms.  Most modern day religions paint Torah as harsh, intolerant, primitive and old because they live according to the nature of man, the nature of rebellion against YHWH and His Perfection.

Y’shua is THEE example of righteousness.  We are to emulate Him, we dress ourselves in a humble and modest way on the inside and outside, our conversation is righteous and beneficial to the cause of the Kingdom of Elohim.

Y’shua elevated Torah and fulfilled the promise to write the Torah upon our hearts, this one fact determines whether we become the head or the tail, if any so choose to enter into Mashiyach they will live by his Righteousness which is according to YHWH’s Word and Authority.

Y’shua did not seek a “following” of people for the sake of popularity, he strengthened the souls of his talmidim and by his example showed us how to strengthen ourselves and others.  The more love a man has in his soul for others the less he needs the praise of others, his validation comes from YHWH and haMashiyach.

Y’shua came for all people, those who were not Jews by birth are being called to serve Mashiyach, YHWH says of these souls that they,

“will be given a name better than the sons and daughters of Israel, they will be given an everlasting name that will not be cut off.
”  Isaiah 56:5 

Y’shua is not sectarian or racist or denominational or a bigot like many religious people who uphold man made religious boundaries and marginalize others because of their own religion, but in doing so are enemies of Mashiyach.

Personal Background

I was born on Purim, 1960 in Vernon BC, Canada.  I came to believe in YHWH and His Mashiyach from a very young age.  I heard of the Kingdom of Elohim through my grandfather, father and mother and those we met with each Shabbat.  At the age of 6 or 7 I experienced the presence of the Ruach haKodesh after asking YHWH if He was “out there”.  One night while gazing toward the heavenly orbs I asked, “YHWH are you there?” “You who created these things.”  He was and He answered by providing tremendous Joy that I have not forgotten.  As my spiritual journey continued I came to learn more of the Kingdom of Elohim as taught by Y’shua.  Rather than see Y’shua as the originator of a new religion I realized that components of Mashiyach’s teaching is hidden within many religions.

Throughout my journey I’ve enjoyed an active life, I’ve tried many sports such as short and long distance running, racing cars and motorcycles.  My work experience ranges from board member of public mining company (public relations) to non-profit international relief organizations, to truck driver, heavy equipment operator, realtor, and I’ve hand framed (nails and a hammer) apartment buildings.  I worked on concrete hi-rises in Toronto and Vancouver Canada and helped build 45 km of highway through the Kananaskis mountains of Alberta Canada.

In 1987 I was a self employed silviculture contractor in the Monashee mountains of BC tree spacing and tree planting.  In 1982 a government employee for the Okanagan Regional District in BC Canada for the milfoil week eradication program, driving a weed harvester on Okanagan Lake (a great tanning experience).  In 1979 I worked as a heavy duty mechanic helper and as a concrete placer/finisher.  And I also worked as an emergency fire and flood rapid response sales manager estimator and a general contractor, insurance and mutual funds broker, stock broker and a variety of sales management positions.  From 1990 to 1996 I was involved in contract sales, marketing consulting and designing and producing marketing materials.  Since then I was involved in making and distributing health products and providing information on health.  However from the time I was in my late teens I’ve been involved in serving YHWH’s people.  I was raised in a home where Torah is respected and taught across all religious boundaries.  At 11 years old I helped my grandfather print off torah studies and exhortations about following Y’shua and observing Torah.  I’ve led home groups over the past 25 years and have lived in Israel nearly 5 years over the last 16.

My educational experience has been a smorgasbord, after graduating from public school I attended Okanagan College for a year and then Pacific Union College in California for two semesters but decided on a “higher education” than was being offered by conventional education.  I visited a variety of secular and religious universities in search of intelligence but found that politics and egocentric professors were fearful of straying away from the hierarchies of humanism.  I didn’t fit in.  Rather, I went on long Sabbaticals from work that allowed me to study, pray, meditate on the Word and learn from those who lived in different ages and cultures that were not enamored by relativism, humanism, modernism and materialism.

One extraordinary life experience…

August 15, 1978 I was involved in a nasty motorcycle crash (I was a passenger), my body flew through the cab of a full sized pickup at 60 miles an hour.   The ambulance attendants didn’t believe I would survive (they came to my hospital room and shook their heads in amazement that I lived) my helmet broke in 3 pieces, I lost 9 units of blood, paramedics said I was like a soggy wet blanket when they scooped me off the pavement.  I broke over 20 bones including hip, ribs, crushed leg, jaw etc.  The Doctors were doubtful about how well I would walk.  Two years and 3 months after the accident I was the “miracle boy”.  I set the record running the fastest mile on a campus in California (before the crash at 17 I ran a 4:16 mile).  I had a other crashes on motorcycles, in cars and with a pickup truck, all in the pursuit of exhilarating experiences, until I discovered it’s better to learn to live than to live and learn.

I think most of us grow to appreciate the value of life with each new year, but I got my life handed back to me a few times which caused me to contemplate my existence on this earth.

Along with many others who I’ve met over the years, I also experienced an out-of-body experience, my physical body was lying on an operating table in the hospital as I watched the doctors operate (from above).  My understanding of that experience was that it was my neshama (spirit) was hovering over my physical body.  People call it an “out of body experience” but I experienced what I believe is the mystery of the neshama (spirit of man) being separated from the physical body.  Some have told me it was because I was on the drugs during the operation and suggested they have had these experiences when doing drugs, others had similar experiences in a variety of non-medical situations, I really don’t know but it was very enlightening for me to experience.

It made me better understand how life after death is possible, without needing a physical body to live, many people understand this in their spirits, it’s not something that is easy to explain.  I remember thinking that I was dead as I watched doctors and nurses patch me up on the operating table.  I believe we will all experience something like this as we die the physical death, the scriptures say that many who “sleep in the dust shall awake”, I see this as cognitive spiritual reality that YHWH wakens our neshama into a new dimension.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the resurrection, if you’ve experienced one of these “out of body” experiences (with or without mind altering drugs) you know that your conscious being moves in another dimension.  However, a very serious problem will arise when rebellion and injustice (lawlessness or Torah-lessness) within the human soul meets with Righteousness and Truth in the resurrection, the “conscience” of each individual will be evaluated according to righteousness.  The part of our being that will sustain life (the neshama) must be Set Apart and purified from sin (disequilibrium with life) or it will be in disharmony with it’s own existence!  This I believe would be “the final death” when an unregenerate person has let their spirit being slide into reprobation and has not sanctified (set part) themselves before YHWH and His Mashiyach for His Kingdom.

Maybe you’ve had similar experiences?  As haMashiyach reveals himself we take our quest for life and truth very seriously, there is nothing as important in life as Truth and Righteousness, these ensure our existence in the Olam Haba (World to Come).

Now that you know a bit about me I would be delighted to hear a bit about yourself.  If you’re also on the journey towards the Kingdom of Elohim and have a love for the Word of YHWH, His Torah, I would be delighted to hear from you.

YHWH be with you!

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel

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