Tuesday 1st of December 2020
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Mount St. Helens and Evolution
“The Other Side of the News”

Dr. D. Armond

Mt. St. Helens’ eruption has done more to disprove the theory of evolution than any event in history. Prior to the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mt. St. Helens it was a beautiful symmetrical cone-shaped volcano covered by old-growth trees 150-200 feet tall. In an explosion the equivalent of 20 million tons of TNT or 1500 atomic bombs, Mt. St. Helens and the surrounding area was changed forever. (See Micah 1:3-4).

One eighth of a cubic mile of what used to be the top of Mt. St. Helens was blown into Spirit Lake in a matter of moments, raising it 200 feet higher than it had been only moments earlier. Mt. St. Helens continued to spew for 15 hours with the force of 400 million tons of TNT or 30,000 atomic bombs. That is the equivalent of one atom bomb exploding every second for 15 hours straight. It took three days for the jet stream to carry ash to the east coast. It had to be shoveled like snow. Street lights turned on automatically in the daytime because the ash blocked the light of the sun all across the eastern seaboard.

Geologists used to believe layers of volcanic rock were set apart by time. They shouldn’t any longer after the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Mt. St. Helens proved to the world forever that sediment is laid down in multiple layers in a matter of hours. In one place 25 feet of sediment was laid down in a single pass of an ash flow forming multiple layers. Ash flows 550 degrees Fahrenheit traveling 200 mph raged down the sides of the mountain taking with it one hundred fifty square miles of timber in a matter of 6 minutes time. Over 20,000 rootless trees were deposited in Spirit Lake.

The trees became waterlogged and sank in the upright position. Some rested on top of sediment and others were buried deeply in multiple layers. Some were buried lying sideways. All were deposited there in a matter of a few hours. Specimen Ridge in Yellowstone has 27 layers of forests which scientists claimed were deposited millions of years apart. In fact there used to be a sign there (maybe it’s still there, because evolutionists are slow learners) that says as much.

The 27 layers of trees in Yellowstone look exactly like those deposited at the bottom of Spirit Lake by Mt. St. Helens in a matter of hours. Multiple layers of trees with no roots buried in the same kind of sediment now have been shown that they are laid down all at once. Mt. St. Helens eruption is by no means the only evidence for creation and a young earth. An 80 foot Baleen whale was discovered standing on its tail in the Lampoc region of southern California in diatomaceous earth which evolutionists claim takes 1,000 years to form one foot deep. Fossils need to be buried deeply and quickly, otherwise they decay or are eaten by scavengers. How do you suppose that whale managed to stand on its tail for thousands of years without decaying or being eaten by scavengers while all those layers of diatomaceous earth formed years apart?

A fish was found in Kansas chalk beds that was buried so quickly it still had another whole fish in its mouth. Of course, evolutionists tell us that chalk layers form separately over long periods of time. Truth is there are thousands and thousands of what evolutions refer to as anomalous fossils. I have a huge thick hard-back book (over 900 pages) called “Forbidden Archeology” filled with accounts of such fossils. The sad thing is that true science would observe facts and form a theory based on those facts. Evolutionists formed the theory first and try so hard to make the facts fit their theory. The authors of “Forbidden Archeology” said it so well. “If one could look at the world without any theoretical presuppositions (conscious or unconscious), one would see nothing anomalous.”

Trees have been discovered through over 20 feet of sandstone layers. Some trees have been found fossilized upside down through “millions of years” of evolutionary layers of rock. According to evolutionary theory coal was formed 300 million years ago and man came on the scene less than 3 million years ago. Yet fossilized human remains have been found in 300 million year old layers of coal in Germany and here in Virginia. A ceramic spoon was discovered in coal beds supposedly 300 million years old. In Montana a human molar was found in 300 million year old coal. Fossilized human sandal prints have been discovered squishing a trilobite (which evolution teaches did not live at the same time as man). In Oklahoma an iron pot was discovered in coal 300 million years old. In Arkansas a bronze bell was found in coal. In Russia, Australia, and two states in U.S. human footprints have been discovered with those of dinosaurs.

Coelacanth (or lungfish) once were given as proof for evolution. They were thought to be the missing link between fish and amphibians, that is until an African fisherman caught one off the coast of Madagascar in 1938! Now hundreds of them have been caught–a fish which was supposed to have died out 400 million years ago and they still look exactly like those in the fossil record. In Alaska, Hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur) fossils were discovered with protein still in the bone. Protein only lasts a few thousand years compared to 67 million years ago when they were supposed to have lived.

Stephen Jay Gould is a well known evolutionist and hates creation, but even he says that creationists are much more empirically minded than evolutionists. He charges that Charles Lyell and others have outright lied to make discoveries fit their theories. That is the theme of the whole book I mentioned earlier, thus the title, “Forbidden Archeology.”

The authors of “Forbidden Archeology” claim that the main point they are trying to make in the book is that, “there exists in the scientific community a knowledge filter that screens out unwelcome evidence.” They go on to say in their introduction to the book, “When we speak of suppression of evidence, we are not referring to scientific conspirators carrying out a satanic (sic) plot to deceive the public. Instead, we are talking about an ongoing social process of knowledge filtration that appears quite innocuous but has a substantial cumulative effect. Certain categories of evidence simply disappear from view…” There is not “a” missing link when it comes to evolution. The whole chain is missing. There is tons of evidence for creation and a young earth, but you won’t hear much about it unless you dig for it. Evolution is more akin to religion than science. It takes far more faith to believe in it than it does to believe that God created the heavens and the earth just like He said He did.

God gave mankind undeniable proof on May 18, 1980, that vast amounts of time were not needed to create things as previously thought necessary. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is clear that God can do in a moment what evolutionists think would take billions of years.

Much credit needs to be given to Dave D Armond, Midwest representative for the Institute for Creation Research. This article was inspired by notes taken at one of Dr. D Armond’s lectures given in Peoria, Illinois on 5/4/96.

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