Tuesday 1st of December 2020
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There are big contrasts between modern “intellectualism” and the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding of YHWH and His Mashiyach. The intellect is dependant upon our ability to learn and reason, our memory capabilities, and capacity to understand abstract and concrete ideas. The majority of individuals have a capacity to nurture greater “intellect”, through reading, study, meditation (all forms of learning) and most anyone can increase their intellect. However man’s intellectual knowledge is finite in time and space, everything direction that man takes that is outside of the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom) is going to perish one day. Everything that man learns within the Kingdom will live on in perpetuity, because Truth is tied to eternity.

It certainly is fascinating, even exhilarating, to discover or concoct all manner of theorem and cutting edge intellectual models, but most intellects neglect the Mind of Mashiyach as revealed within natural, psychological, intellectual and spiritual worlds. In most intellectual circles there is common agreement for what the answer and purpose of life is and you are welcomed in that circle if you agree with their models of thought, their environmental perspectives, science, technology, business models and so forth, but in reality all intellectual circles follow a circular reasoning if they are not connected in Mashiyach. The mind of man is not the measure of all things otherwise we could and would evolve away from injustice, poverty and hatred and bigotry which are all products of the carnal, unregenerate and lazy elements of the lower nature of man. Each one of knows we can either choose to lie or tell the truth, work hard or be lazy, seek the common good or be selfish and greedy for personal gain, etc.

One example of circular reasoning is demonstrated in a TV program in Canada called the Nature of things by Dr. David Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki expands on his personal nature week by week, his world view and his intellect is celebrated by many Canadians who see him as an activist and environmentalist, but in reality he and the other evolutionary intellects in his camp are simply naval gazing, they “reconstruct” and represent time according to their intellectual models which they call “science.” Science of course has no precise and complete answers to anything, it searches for those illusive answers but finds more and more questions and of course as the old adage goes, the more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.

There is an ever growing and extensive amount of specific specialized sciences that are trying to answer the really big questions about the origin of life and the future, but of course this is the impossible mission to understand the material world according to the material world and the physical sciences. Yes there are philosophers who pander towards the material intellectual discoveries of science as though it is truth discovered but these philosophers are also naval gazers who are limited by an invisible barrier that keeps the mind focused on it’s own mind.

Along with the tunnel vision about the origins of life, the intellectual goes boldly forth to steward the earth developing about 7,000 new chemicals every month, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, military weapons, movies, GMO food, moral decay of society, universities, transportation systems, entertainment, air and water pollution, music, fossil fuel energy, hair styles for the modern man and women. The top of the intellectual food chain is the Professor and CEO and comrades who steer millions to become mega billions of dollars, but who can never have enough, never be satisfied or content with the simplicity and beauty of the perfection of the natural, organic world and the spiritual reality of morality, justice and peace.

Every community has as its own intellectuals (or priesthood) who have disciplined their minds to develop the ideas, teachings, and questions that revisit the central purpose of their existence. The greater variety and diversity of intellects who are committed to the same common goals, the more capacity for enriched intellectual environment and success of reaching beyond. In many ways the intellectual world that operates outside and against the Kingdom of Elohim is more ambitious for their goals than the religious intellectuals who are threatened by the ideas and discussion of the evolutionists.

The more restricted the group is in terms of its intellectual content, the more ill-equipped the group will be to blockquote a wider diversity of importance and ideas and people. Some refer to this intellectual restriction as tunnel vision, the visual field narrows and peripheral vision is gone. When a community cannot properly consider ideas from a range of intellects, or cannot integrate with other communities outside of their “bubble” it is indicative of dependency upon insecure or un-intellectual leadership and circular reasoning. A healthy community will always welcome diversity of opinion and thought within the parameters of the common good, and all constructive criticism and synergy towards the common goal will only produce more confidence by having factored in as much information as time will allow. But there are a few segments of human experience where the intellects have been weighed and found in the balance wanting, and all the kings horses and men can’t seem to put it back together again.

Intellectuals, the wisest of the wise (let’s throw King Solomon in their with the lot), find themselves dumpster diving when it comes to universal judgment. Yes, they drive new Beemer’s, Benz’s and Bently’s over to the dumpster and go dumpster diving with Armani’s and expensive cologne when it comes to righteous judgment. Let’s refrain from picking on any one segment of the intellectual world, be it Jewish, Christian, Harvard, MIT or whomever.

Materialism is the common groupie culture of the modern intellect, go to university, get a degree, make a contribution to society while you are cashing on everything you in your prime years

A prime example of intellectual group mentality is Charlie Darwin the sort of father of Evolution. Charles was educated in an Anglican seminary, his creative imagination “theories” were most definitely intellectual genius, he threw ideas out the mid 1800′s that were radical, theories were renegade and maverick to the culture of which he was nurtured. George Lemaitre, originator of the “big bang theory” also was an giant of a contemporary intellect in his day, providing thoughts for radical departure from the normative of his colleagues and peers. George was a Catholic Priest, both he and Charles made massive contributions to the “Science of Evolution”. Both these men put ideas on the table that were radical, this produced a form of “legitimacy”, these were non-conventional ideas outside the box, which brought controversy to energize the multiplication effect. As each individual heard the ideas of Darwin and were required to use critical thinking to prove or disprove them. There is a sense of great satisfaction, to challenge the mind with such grandiose ideas as of the very origin of man, there is a euphoria to even embrace ideas so big and radical and stimulating, and considering all contrarian viewpoints is itself a sign of a true intellect. The process of scientific evaluation must welcome criticism and opposing components in order to be valid, but the fact is, this is what judges the man as measure of all things. You see, if man is the measure of all things like modern intellects suggest, then the intellectual man has already defeated himself by his own admission of being complete within himself. This is why the monkey theory is so appealing to evolutionists, they can beg their case for evolution based on the origins of stupidity, ignorance and a primate-like existence.

In other words the ideas of a spiritually minded intellect can never be proven or examined for validity by the material minded intellect because the material intellect will simply pull up their shirt and gaze upon their naval and supply you with the answer for all human endeavour. The nature of things is in the naval and cannot exist outside of the naval because… man… is the measure of all things.

The intellectual model of evolution has been put to the test many times and from diverse worlds, and lately from a purely scientific and mathematical perspective, and has been found to be the devolution of man. A real life test of the classic evolutionary model occurred when the volcano erupted at Mount St. Helens in 1980 in Washington USA. Washington State University intellectuals were in a quandary as to how to represent the huge onslaught of evidence that voided their evolutionary ideas, unfortunately some chose to screen unwelcome ideas and information, while others were invigorated by new evidence. We can easily see how the latest science put Darwin’s evolutionary theories to the test, , click here, most certainly the ideas of;

The Big Bang

The Big Soup

Man from Monkey

The modern intellect stands on the three legs of humanism, relativism and materialism (HRM) and when we need to go to war against global warming the intellects hit their nuclear button for salvation. Nuclear power for electricity and turn the oil sands into motor oil, diesel and gasoline so that mankind can drive disposable American vehicles and slow down the rate of his own destruction. The evolutionary intellects have produced the GMO, fossil fuel world and the intellects are now looking for the answers to repair their broken intellectual HRM models.

University of Colorado biologist John Woodling discovered that fish in the wild were consuming estrogens and steroid hormones from birth control pills and patches excreted by humans into the sewage system which went into the creek and made intersex fish. So now the intellectuals who run the manufacturing of birth control pills now have another business opportunity, the circular reasoning of the evolution of man. You see, the humanist will never stop until he has destroyed the last bit of life of this planet, because he sees himself as the purpose of life, he and his material relativistic world, everything is material relative to itself, man is the measure of all things.

“Evolutionary intellectualism” has provided mankind with these models of “science” but also the complete lack of Justice and good will toward our fellow man.

According to “evolutionary intellectuals” their theory endows mankind with a “human nature” that has been empowered by “survival of the fittest”. This human nature is pushing mankind towards the hellish and terrible destiny of global thermo-nuclear war or environmental disaster whichever shall come first. The “evolutionary intellectual” model states that man will be unable to change his course, man must eventually go the way of a thermo-nuclear blowout because mankind has to experience the evolutionary product of his own reality. Death.

The evolutionist has concluded that man can’t help himself, it’s in our genes, the monkeys were destined to go mad and press the button. But the “evolutionary intellectual model” is even more cruel than this, these “intellects” are now discussing the evolutionary need of removing “defective humans” off the earth. These defective seeds are non-intellectual religious people who believe in God and not in the empirical value of human life, but not in empirical evolution or the empirical “science god”. Some “evolutionary intellectuals” even hold “religious” people responsible for all the hatred and war on earth, they see the religious as unsophisticated, fear driven and a threat to the planet because they (we) are not empirically driven. There is a small breed of “intellects” working towards new and innovative ways to kill off two thirds of the defective human seeds with chemicals, war, starvation and protracted environmental disasters, all of which of course are invented by the evolutionist intellectual.

There are also those of us who defer to a resolution that love, mercy, justice and peace are attainable, sustainable and reasonable alternatives to the current oppression, which is ultimately leading to global anarchy and mass destruction. Being as the “evolutionary intellects”, are also interested in their own self preservation, it has become more and more fashionable to discuss the potential of living on other planets. If the “evolutionary intellectual” were to dare brave his own demons, he must then conclude that in the scope of present reality his “science of evolution” shows itself to be circular reasoning with insufficient capacity to allow for human existence. The evolutionist has achieved a thought process that was originally programmed by tribal cannibalism. The evolutionary intellects have become burdened with a survivalist mentality. Unfortunately most intellectual evolutionists do not have the capacity to install new software into their operating systems, and of course every proud captain goes down with his ship because the ship is his material god.

Justice is and always has been the tallest order and priority for humanity, not intellectual theories that entertain thoughts of “enlightened barbarism”. Democracy is rapidly being exposed as oligarchy, programmed deliberately staged anarchy, and it must undergo now a massive renovation (recapitalization) or mass reduction of justice before it can survive the test of pure humanism, but Democracy was programmed to fail right from day one. Democracy has been borrowing heavily from the values and ideas presented in the Holy (Set Apart) Scriptures, but now it’s payback and the elements of Democracy which have not borrowed from the Bible is morally bankrupt with nothing more to offer it’s victims other than injustice.

Democracy has let humanism, relativism and materialism flourish within certain nations while depleting and destabilizing nations who supply their resources to fuel materialism. There is no such thing as Democracy, it is only a legend that never was, it is simply an idea to appease the various materialistic classes so they will not rattle the cages of the aristocrat or dictator but work towards a common materialistic definition. Oligarchies have long owned all the so called democracies, the oligarchic intellectual throws shekelim (money) at willing politicians who then help him steer his boat as his money wishes. The politician is a home grown hero, covetous of position, desirous of fame and pleasure, a made for TV success story who has very little or no significant power. The Prime Ministers and Presidents are good examples, their powers lie only in bettering their own personal dynasty before termination.

It’s quite obvious we humans need much help in the area of applied “Justice”, very unfortunately the modern man has legislated “regulators”, who wear black robes and take out huge yellow page ads promising help to fight for your rights, or seek election into office by voters in need of a better economy and social programs. When all is said and done, it’s healthy if mankind could laugh at his own frailties, and after the laughing it would be nice to repent and say we are sorry for what we’ve done and then turn away from destroying human life and the beautiful and amazing planet we call home.

If we don’t care enough to sigh, if our hearts are not grieved and sad for what we’ve done then neither will we be moved to go beyond where we are. Our intellectual qualities are given us by YHWH to apply His Justice. I pray that we optimize our intellectual potentials for the Glory and Honour of Mashiyach. Mashiyach means Justice and Peace, Universal Righteousness. May our intellectual natures be used to pursue and find the Way to true contentment, satisfaction and success. In other words, sell all you have, give it to the poor and come and follow Mashiyach, because all your toys are about to get taken away anyway.

Here in Alberta Canada, an interesting article of news hit the press about chemicals being urinated out of four federal politicians. They urinated 57 carcinogens, 54 reproductive or developmental toxins, 37 hormone disruptors, 33 neurotoxins and 16 respiratory toxins, their bodies are time bombs for cancer and all manner of disease, but the show must go on.

It what is rapidly becoming one of the most polluted nations on earth, the Canadians (I’m in Alberta the richest Province) are pounding their fists down, demanding equality of pollution in exchange for the god of materialism’s blessings. We shall never surrender, we shall fight on the sea and on the shore and we shall join in the intellectual fools overture and go down with the proud ship of materialism, sayeth the god of materialism.

Isn’t it really something to realize that the world has gone mad, and people have lost their heads? The intellectuals have become the barbarians who shrink the heads of their victims, they mount the shrunken heads of their victims above their davenports to impress their children and future generations.

The Giver of Life? YHWH is beyond man’s weak un-tempered self destructive nature, mankind was given free choice, but YHWH promises to give mankind exactly what they crying for regardless of what we cry for.

Faith and Truth is the answer, not fear.Faith comes by reading the Word of YHWH.People are YHWH’s peculiar treasure… not things.From Faith comes Love.From Love comes Wisdom.From Wisdom comes Justice.From Justice comes Peace.

YHWH be with you,Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel

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