Friday 18th of September 2020
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Ordering Our Life and Thoughts in the Kingdom of Elohim

“And he believed in YHWH; and

He counted it to him for righteousness.”

Genesis 15:6

         For many its a constant struggle to move forward in life.

Many of us struggle in relationships, in marriage, in raising children,

in our businesses we seem to always be fighting off attacks of the enemy,

often it feels as we see little or no progress.

For many, life is one big struggle.

One of the most undervalued aspects of getting the victory over the enemy (Spiritual Warfare),

is a simple foundational Torah Principle that can radically change our lives in an instant.

This principle has helped thousands to amass true wealth and see breakthroughs in their lives.

It can help us get the victory over the carnal desires of the flesh and neutralize spiritual attacks against us.

It’s a Hebrew rhyme

Chashav h’Kathav

Write out an Account of the matter

The first time Chashav is used in Torah is in Genesis 15:6, it is translated here as “counted”.  Chashav is used 124 times in Scripture, as count, devise, think, imagine, cunning, reckon, purpose, esteem, account, impute, forecast, regard, workman, conceived, made, held etc, this word is all about forward thinking.

Kathav is mentioned 212 times in Scripture, it is translated to write, describe, subscribe, record, enrol.  Clearly it is imperative that a person write out the account of the matter for several reasons.  It’s not necessary to list all the benefits of writing out a business plan, here are a few:

  • Helps us to think through and visualize the steps of our plan
  • Pre-visualize our current situation at important junctures
  • Motivates us toward our goals
  • Gives confidence that we are making the right steps at the right time because we can order our steps wisely and according to righteousness
  • Details how we will satisfy our obligations to others as well
  • Avoid wasting time now and in the future, avoid redundancy and costly mistakes
  • Communicate our strategy to others who have experience and will provide additional wise counsel
  • Communicate our plan to those who will work with us to fulfill the plan, others see the goal, they understand the direction we are taking, they are involved and see the future benefits they also will enjoy as they invest time and/or money towards common goals
  • Provides accurate and critically important information (affidavit) to parties of a dispute for arbitration and reconciliation

To succeed each of us must have short and long term plans and know how we are fulfilling our life’s calling.  The bigger our life goals the more contributors, counsellors, and team members we will need to accomplish our goals.  A righteous Chashav will bring souls together, establish accountability and produce a synergy that will bless all players, an unrighteous one will produce division, elitism and strife.   A righteous team effort discovers ways to reward everyone and help each accomplish their personal goals.  A Chashav “puts the word out”, it reveals, intent, purpose and direction, it helps us sanctify our time and resources.  A Chashav determines who will supportive and who will not to participate.  To be fair and balanced and good for everyone and Chashav must be based on Scriptural Torah principles and be clear and concise.

Before a couple marry they agree on a Ketuba (writing or covenant) which is a Chashav (account of the matter) which they write together.  A Ketuba outlines how they will prosper and protect each other as they live together.  The marriage will only be as good as both partners are willing to fulfill the covenant to each other.  So it is for an individual who writes out a Chashav for him or herself.  The strength of fulfilling our Chashav (plans) should be a covenant of righteousness to ourselves, the more resistance that comes our way, the stronger and wiser we will become as we work through all the elements.

Life doesn’t happen by random chance.  Our Chashav (plans) that are focused on fulfilling our life’s goals must carry us through into the Kingdom of Elohim and the World to Come.  When we see our work in this life as part of the eternal plan, life gets very exciting, resources and synergy come together.  We see that our Father YHWH separates us unto Himself and put His blessings on us.  Why?  Because we have purposed to walk in Faith representing His Great Name according to actions that are pleasing to Him.  It is impossible for us to fail, nothing on earth will defeat us if YHWH has opened the door to His Kingdom and put His blessings upon our lives.

Conflict Resolution

When we find ourselves in conflict with one or more other souls it is often very wise to write an account of the matter and submit it to the other party or parties involved.  Wisdom calls us to learn and be instructed by our peers who are also vested in the things of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Our willingness to change and conform our lives to Mashiyach (the head of all righteous Government) will be the single largest factor in our ultimate success.  When involved in a conflict writing out a statement of truth is called an affidavit, it includes all facts, reveal the intentions of our hearts, and detail our expectations of the other party (s).  Conflicts often arise simply because we didn’t take the time to communicate to others or listen to what they were communicating to us.

Oftentimes just stopping and taking written inventory of matters can center us, help us focus on what is important and urgent, and help others understand our intentions.  Writing out a Chashav (account of the matter) can often help others focus on the material points of fact and help them respond to what is important, the Chashav can set the tone for reconciliation and provide a platform for reconciliation.  According to Matthew 18 and  numerous other places in Scripture, it is impossible for a person to continually hurt others or abuse themselves if they are involved within a community of people who live according to Torah and Mashiyach because when one person is maltreated each of us is effected.

“Then they that feared YHWH spoke often one to another: and YHWH hearkened, and heard it,

and a book of remembrance was Kathav (written) before him for them that feared YHWH,

and that Chashav (thought) upon his Name.”

Malachi 3:16

YHWH be with you,

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel

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