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The Feast of Weeks

“And when Yom Shavuot (Pentecost) was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

All of a sudden there was a sound from heaven like a groaning spirit

and all that House in which they were sitting was filled.

Acts 2:1,2

Shavuot means “weeks”, it is the count of 7 Shabbats from the Shabbat during the Chag HaMatzah for a total of 50 days, hence the Greek word Pentekoste “fiftieth day”. It was on Shavuot that Moshe received the Torah from YHWH, and on that same day lightening and thunder announced the bringing of the Word of YHWH Shemot/Exodus 19:16, as in Acts with the sound of a mighty rushing wind.

One Accord in one place denotes the Unity of the Body. Not a unity based on theology or membership but a unity of calling in the Ruach haKodesh. Each one has opened their heart to permit the Torah to be written on tablets of flesh, the unity is based on collective righteousness and sanctified lives. Each one has been called to receive and witness the Ruach haKodesh coming to abide in their neshama (spirit).

One place is the House which refers to the Temple, see Matthew 12:4; 21:13; Luke 2:49; John 2:16, 17, not the “upper room” of 1:13. It is the morning of the Day of Shavuot, Y’shua’s disciples are gathered together in the Father’s House. Luke 24:53 states the disciples were “at all times in the temple”. Shavuot came only ten days after Y’shua instructed his disciples to wait in Jerusalem, see Luke 24:49. The Ruach haKodesh is being poured out in full view of those in attendance at the Temple, not in some hidden away place. Y’shua was known to visit the Temple daily, in the early mornings he taught those who came to learn of the Kingdom of Elohim, see Luke 21:36-38. Just as it was morning when the Ruach haKodesh gave Torah to Moshe and all the people heard the sounds coming from the Mountain. Now the Mountain is the center of the walled city of Jerusalem, representing the government of Mashiyach which is in the spirits and souls of his followers.

Shavuot embodies all of the Righteous characteristics that distinguish the Malchut Elohim for the kingdoms of this world, these unique emanations or revelations of the Character of YHWH are promised to indwell the Household of Faith. The Torah, according to Jeremiah 31:31-34 is to be written upon the heart of all who follow Mashiyach. The Torah is the Word of YHWH which was made “flesh” in Mashiyach. Shavuot also has an interesting connection with Yovel (year of Jubilee) numerically because both come after seven sets of Shabbats, Shavuot is weekly and Yovel is seven sets of seven years. Therefore Shavuot is a type of Yovel, and Yovel is very well known as the year of release, where all original property returns to it’s original owners and debts are cancelled. So it is that Shavuot pictures a time when the Follower of YHWH will be released from the propensity of sin, all transgression is forgiven and the soul of man starts out with a completely fresh slate.

Shavuot is important for today, because those who have the Faith to Believe and Trust in YHWH will experience this work of redemption in their souls, if they seek it. Shavuot is the last of the Spring Feasts, the former rains and the next Feast is Teruah or Feast of Trumpets. The Feast of Trumpets represents when the Bridegroom comes who is Mashiyach. Once the Trumpet sounds there is no way to enter into the Wedding Feast, therefore Shavuot is the time when a person has their wedding garments prepared for the wedding. It would be an impossibility to hear the Trumpet calling and then to quickly go out and prepare for the wedding, which is why Y’shua teaches us to Fast unto prayer. Always be ready, but even much more so when it comes to the Moedim, (Set Apart) Feasts of YHWH as these are His designated appointments with all of humanity.

If we consider that Shavuot is also linked to Yom HaBikkurim, Chag HaMatzah and Pesach then we see a continuum of redemption and deliverance that extents into Shavuot. The work of the Ruach haKodesh is to sanctify and equip each soul to by entering into the Righteousness of YHWH through Mashiyach. Spiritual gifts and abilities are given by Grace that a person is empowered to live a sanctified life.

“The ruach blows where it wills, and you hear the sound, but cannot determine from where it comes, and where it goes: so is every one that is born of the Ruach HaKodesh.

Yochanan 3:8

“Three times a year celebrate to Me. Keep Chag HaMatzot, eat matzah…

at the appointed time in the spring (when you went out of Egypt)…

and a Chag Katzir [grain harvest] for the first fruits of what you have sown in your field,

and a Chag Ha’Asif [fruit harvest] at the conclusion of the [agricultural] year…”

Shmot 23:14-17

“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing

of YHWH your Elohim which He has given you.”

D’varim 16:17

Shavuot increases understanding and awareness of the Unity within the Malchut Elohim, each man is created to be responsible and make a personal contribution to the community. The overall picture is one of equality and fairness that is administered by YHWH according to His Word. By intellectualizing YHWH’s Feasts into a theology that does not have to be “kept” the soul misses the point completely. It is not a matter if you will choose to keep a Feast or not, but whether you will agree to “enter in” to the Kingdom of Mashiyach, the Feasts have never been based in the natural alone, they are points of connection between YHWH and His Creation. Even the natural and simple elements of the Feasts in Scriptures according to their timing and agricultural values are meant for a person to launch beyond into Universal perfection of Mashiyach. The Word of YHWH is meant to lead us to Messiah Consciousness, whose foundation is Torah. If a person is not willing to live a righteous and sanctified lifestyle, they will not see Mashiyach in the Feasts, neither if they claim to follow Mashiyach can they live an unsanctified life according to Torah. The Torah of YHWH is perfect converting the soul, and this is not only the part that we can see and know, but the neshama, the spiritual component that we only see in part and know in part. The fact of the matter is that we are not aware of all the work of redemption that is going on in our spirits when we choose to obey YHWH, observe Torah and celebrate the Feasts.

There is an element of observance that is avodah (work) on our part. This must not be confused with working one’s way into Salvation, this is a higher law that has to do with sanctification. We are made in the image of Elohim, therefore our reciprocal actions of obedience in response to being invited into the Kingdom of Elohim are what helps shape our spiritual understanding of the world we live in and the world to come. The meek and the humble will inherit, those who take YHWH’s word for granted, and the proud have a far different destiny. There are ample warnings in Scripture not to change or distort the Word of YHWH, and this of course is being violated by those who opt for their own higher intelligence that tells the inner man that he can pick and choose which Feasts to observe and which ones he doesn’t “feel” obligated to observer. Those who know Mashiyach, count it a great privilege to observe the Feasts of YHWH and to touch on eternal things. The important thing is not what man has taught you, but what the Ruach haKodesh has revealed in your soul, and this is why YHWH commands us to observe the Feasts. YHWH takes responsibility for His own people, but in many cases his people look to other men, Rabbis, Priests, Pastors etc to be mediators between them and Heaven. This fallen nature of man is seen throughout history, it is the same nature that has always existed however it is not challenged by man’s religion because it is very the tour de force of religion itself that prohibits man from entering into Truth and Spiritual Life.

“Then he answered and spoke unto me, saying, This is the Word of YHWH unto Zerubbabel, saying, ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Ruach, says YHWH Tsavaot’. Who are you, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it. Moreover the word of YHWH came unto me, saying, The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and you shall know that YHWH Tsavaot has sent me unto you. For who has despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of YHWH, which run to and fro through the whole earth. Then answered I, and said unto him, What are these two olive trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof? And I answered again, and said unto him, What be these two olive branches which through the two golden pipes empty the golden oil out of themselves? And he answered me and said, Don’t you know what these are? And I said, No, my Master. Then said he, These are the two anointed ones, that stand by the Master of the whole earth.”

Zechariah 4:6-14

The seven eyes are YHWH’s Perfection revealed in Mashiyach, as is also shown in Isaiah 11:1-4 with the attributes of each Spirit. It’s not by might nor power that YHWH chooses to reveals Himself, He also trains our spiritual “ears” to this Perfection and this is symbolized by the Seven annual Shabbats, which correspond to the Seven Spirits of YHWH. The reality is that YHWH has revealed the Kingdom in this manner, but there are very few who care to seek the Kingdom as it inconveniences their modern lifestyles and choice of religion. It has been said that a man’s morality dictates his religion and if we consider the reality of this statement, we must also consider that “morality” is designed by man. The Word of YHWH is revealed in Torah according to the Ruach haKodesh, man is called to live by Every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of Elohim. If we feel that the Word of YHWH is limiting our freedom, this is a sure sign of the carnal man not entering into the Malchut Elohim. Every word of YHWH is a connection between the Eternal and Infinite nature of the spirit of man that YHWH breathed into us and YHWH and His Mashiyach. The two opposite spiritual worlds of light and darkness have extensions into the natural world that offer you choices for your “time management”. The dark world offers alternative choices, by usurping and then twisting values and concepts from the authentic. Easter and Christmas are two examples of how the dark side has provided detours from the Kingdom into the dark worlds. If you’ve read about Easter then you will know that second and third generation disciples of Y’shua vigorously opposed the introduction of Easter into Christianity, that was designed by Christo-Pagans to replace Pesach. Nowadays the West has holidays like Mother’s day, Ascension Day, or Memorial Day during the time of Shavuot, and whether you believe they are counterfeits or not, the point is that attention is given to man’s “feasts” and interest is removed from YHWH’s feasts, therefore mankind is not able to leave the circular reasoning of man’s world, and enter into a progressive and vital revelation of the Kingdom of Elohim.

Religion, whether Judaism or Christianity, has modeled itself after humanism. The ultimate materialist wants to explore other planets while his own nation suffers with hunger, thirst and crime. The ultimate Christian wants to get raptured up to Heaven just before the earth goes through horrific torment, why? The Christian wants rewards, even though he also is a major contributor to the crime and hatred that he wants to leave behind. How? Because the Christian has set his own cultural religious values by the choice of his church and acceptable status quo belief system, rather than leave man’s finite estimations of YHWH and His Mashiyach to enter into Justice and Common Good that Mashiyach exemplifies. The Jewish follower of Rabbinical Judaism sees himself as the “chosen people”, rather than as a Kingdom of Priests that YHWH made Covenant with according to Torah to be servants or ministers of Truth to the world. Certainly the office of Mashiyach is one that conjures up idealistic ideas among Jews, but most of these ideas have not application except the self serving nature of finally being triumphant as it pertains to the State of Israel, Identity, or beating back assimilation into Hellenistic oblivion.

The chosen people are sufficient in themselves, they don’t need “Gentiles” but in a twisted sort of thinking believe that the “Gentiles” need them, therefore rather than being Priests unto YHWH, they are Lords. If the religion is dysfunctional then so is the soul who subscribes to it, there is no hope of being a “whole” person while being dependant upon man’s religion for spiritual sustenance. A person’s spirit will die, albeit when many agree that this is a good thing, it can become something to be celebrated, as it was in the Days of Noach so shall it be when the Son of Man returns. The hearts of the people were evil continually, simply because they were void of Mashiyach consciousness and Torah became usurped by the traditions of men.

Shavuot reminds us that YHWH created the Universe for His purposes and for His Righteousness to Triumph, regardless of how many people on earth will turn to Him. This earth, even in it’s most perfect state is finite, it has been constricted to time and space therefore it must die. There is obviously no facility in the physical world to remake the natural man into a spiritual man. The natural man and his soul is set to experience the spiritual man by his surroundings and the collective response to His Creator. The natural man is finite and prone to miss the mark, therefore he must briefly be returned to the dust according to YHWH’s design, and by agreement of His will with the will of YHWH be resurrected as part of the First Fruits of YHWH. This picture is seen clearly in the remez of the Feast of Shavuot. The Ruach haKodesh imparts life into the spiritual man, the more the Ruach haKodesh is present in the soul of man, the less authority the lower nature of man has to dominate a man’s thoughts and rule his decision making ability by conceding to the temptations of the lower world..

Shavuot in Scripture

Hag Shavuot Vayikra 23:15-16

Ruach HaKodesh comes on Shavuot (Pentecost) Acts 2:1

Yom HaKahal The Day of the Congregation at Horev D’varim 18:16

Hag HaKazir Feast of Harvest Sh’mot 23:16

Hag Shavuot Feast of Weeks Exodus 34:22

Day 50 of the Omer (7 weeks plus a day)

Torah is given at Sinai Sh’mot 19:1-11, Sh’mot 24:1-8 (a day for Cohanim to teach Torah).

The covenant made at Sinai “renewed”. Jeremiah 31:31-40

YHWH is betrothed to Israel. Hosea 2:14-23, Jeremiah 2; 31:31-32

People prepare to meet YHWH at Mt. Sinai (against the third day)

Ketubah (marriage covenant) was “signed” at Sinai (2448 BCE). Sh’mot 19:1-11

All males to appear before YHWH in Jerusalem. D’varim 16:16

The tribe of Benyamim gets wives. Judges 21

David was born on Shavuot and died on Shavuot. Bechor Shor Jerusalem Talmud – Chagigah 2,3.

The wedding of King Solomon allegorically refers to Messiah and Israel. Song of Songs 3:11

John the Baptist preaches preparation, w/judgment for the trees. Matthew 3:1-12

Yeshua prays all night. Luke 6:12

The sermon on the mount is given. Matthew 5,6,7

Yeshua chooses his apostles (“one of those days”, ie. Omer days). Luke 6:12-17

Yeshua delivers the sermon on the mount (“one of those days”, ie. Omer days). Luke 6:12-49

Yeshua heals the centurion’s servant because he has not seen such great faith in Israel. Luke 7:1-10

Yeshua keeps the feast. John 7:37

The Ruach HaKodesh comes (Bavel is reversed)! Acts 2:1

Paul reaffirms Torah. Acts 20:16 + Acts 21:17 – 22:1

James reaffirms Torah for non-Jews coming to know Mashiyach. Acts 20:16 and Acts 21:17 – 22:1

Paul stays in Ephesus until Shavuot. 1 Corinthians 16:8

There no limitations upon the spirit and soul of man that prohibits him from entering into Shavuot, except the limitations that man puts upon himself. The talmidim of Y’shua in Acts 2 were instructed to tarry in Jerusalem, but they only had to tarry for 10 days. The word tarry, does not mean they “hung out”, rather it means that they pressed in to Mashiyach. YHWH does not limit mankind, only man himself limits his potential in Mashiyach. The invitation to press into Mashiyach is made, therefore it is up to the individual whether he or she will respond in Faith and say Hineni! Here I am!

As we approach the conclusion of the acharit hayamim there is prophesied of Jews and Elohim fearers that will forsake Babylon and press into Mashiyach, but these will be hated most acutely by the religious world, by Christians and Jews who will be exposes for playing their religious games. The false religions will point to the Truth Faith and decry it as apostasy, all while they usher in the one world relativism that appeases the carnal materialistic man who is at war with YHWH and His Mashiyach. Those who recognize the Moedim of YHWH are already seeing many prophetic markers in these days, but these will only increase in frequency and provide greater confirmation to the spirit. The light at the end of the dark tunnel is Mashiyach ben David, but the world will not be able to contain the critical mass of Truth and Righteous that Mashiyach will bring to sanctify all the YHWH has Created for His purpose. Either you are a spectator, watching the end of days unfold, or you are a Follower of Mashiyach, preparing yourself and others for the awesome return of YHWH’s Right Hand.

YHWH be with you,

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch ben Daniel


Cherryville BC


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