Saturday 28th of November 2020
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Yom HaKippurim

Yom=day   ha=the   Kippurim=coverings

Feast of Atonement(s)

Our Father YHWH

Saves through making”atonement”  (kaphar or kippur in Hebrew) in Mashiyach Y’shua.

Yom Kippur is easier to understand when we consider YHWH created us as spirit beings.  Consider your private spiritual world for a moment and the spirits we are around each day.  All of us are created in the “Image of Elohim” we are spirit created by YHWH Who is Spirit.  Think of yourself as a spirit with a body.  Our physical body, actions and thoughts are the time-space element of our existence, however, we are a spirit “angelic element” that connects outside this natural world.  Everything we do in the natural has a consequence in the spiritual and vice versa.  Everything we do, say and think about in this life is either in Mashiyach and “covered” in YHWH and brings us life, or, it’s outside of YHWH’s Kingdom and brings us death.  Y’shua Mashiyach also speaks about each of us having Messengers (angels) who sit before the face of YHWH:

See to it that you do not despise one of these little ones. I say to you,

for their Messengers in heaven at all times see the face of my Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 18:10

The context of this chapter is judgment.  Everything we thought, said and did over this last year brings an element of needing atonement, or shall we say restitution between the fallen world and the Perfection of YHWH and His Mashiyach.  Every action we make in this life is as though we are casting a vote for Mashiyach and YHWH’s righteousness or for the fallen angelic world.

Atonement is the bridge between what is finite and what is infinite.

Atonement is the perfect “reconciliation” between two elements.  The carnal flesh is an incomplete form of man that is capable of transitioning and becoming a spiritual man through the process of atonement.

The religious worlds offer all types of substitution for “atonement”, in traditional Judaism teshuva (repentance) and tefilla (prayer) and fasting are made on Yom Kippur to bring atonement.  In the Catholic world the religious go to confession throughout the year and their Priest provides assurance of their atonement.  Both these religions have traditional formulas that based on hierarchical Babylon by which atonement is offered, but YHWH and His Mashiyach offer genuine atonment.

Orthodox Jews believe that because they recite the al chet (prayers of repentence) on Yom Kippur that they’ve discharged their duty to YHWH.  No.  As beautiful and rich as these prayers are, they can never substitute for what YHWH has revealed to mankind through the work of His Mashiyach.  There are also a dangerous and insidious Christian traditions that have corrupted the Atonement YHWH offers through His Mashiyach, even to the point that Christians, think that all they have to do is “believe in Jesus”, ask for forgiveness and they automatically have atonement.  Wrong.  Very wrong.  Many Christians choose to live carnal, unsanctified, Torah-less lives and they speak evil of the Word of YHWH and His Commandments.

Perhaps you’ve heard the English expression of ATONEMENT being “at-one-ment”, this suggests that we are to become “one” with YHWH.  That’s True.  This is what our Father in Heaven, the Architect of Life, has commanded for His children.

Please do not accept any religious substitutes.

We could discuss azazel (the goat of departure) and wax eloquently on the sacrificial system and the blood and love in the heart for one another and unto YHWH, the two Greatest Commandments.  But within YHWH’s Commandments is a Spiritual Universe that is not of this present system.  Every Commandment of YHWH is a Divine connection to Him.  Yom Kippur is the central focus of that Divine and spiritual connection between finite man and an infinite Father.

Going to a priest, or a church, or just “believing” in YHWH that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him, is not what He has required of us.  Religion is a cleverly devised detour from who we are to become and how we’ve instructed to live.

We fast on the Day of Atonement because YHWH said, “afflict your souls” and there are hundreds of reasons why fasting is going to put us into a different thought process on Yom Kippur.  Fasting isn’t easy.  We hunger.  We thirst.  We pray.  We consider our state in life.   Where did our life come from.  How did we get here.  Why?  What is our true purpose.

Rabbis observed that we don’t eat on Yom Kippur perhaps because we become like angels, spiritual beings who don’t need food to survive.  Yom Kippur a picture of the spiritual world in Mashiyach, which many refer to as heaven.  We are being trained one day a year to be like angels, within our physical bodies we train our spiritual consciousness towards Mashiyach, rather than be concerned about our physical bodies just one day a year.

All the theology and religion of the world is irrelevant compared with one single act of willful obedience, and it is only within a simple act of obedience that we find the deepest elements of YHWH’s wisdom operating in our own lives.

Mashiyach is that point of contact, between time and ein sof (the infinite) Father YHWH.  All who follow Mashiyach are called to walk as he walked and enter in and experience the Spiritual man within us, and the lessons to be learned about growing the spiritual man into the Image of Elohim (G-d) and being conformed to the likeness of His Mashiyach.

Inconvenience yourself.  Fast.  Pray.  Repent.  Go big.  Maybe you had a very good year, never cheated anyone, never said one lie, never hurt anyone’s feelings or feel that you fell short in any way, but, perhaps you can remember a few regrets from this past year.  Well if you can’t think of any “lower nature” thoughts or activities from the last year that’s because you haven’t compared yourself to Mashiyach, who is Perfection.  How about those sins within your family members?  or your church or synagogue?  or your village, town or city? or your country?  How many reasons can you think of to prove that we need an atonement?  Let’s call it an inspiration of righteousness shall we?

The Day of Atonement provides a beautiful opportunity to leave our comfortable turf and go on YHWH’s turf, rise above the need of fine wine and dining for one day.  Let the physical hunger elevate itself so that our spiritual needs become manifest and can then be satisfied.  Just before Yom Kippur we always exchange well wishes and greetings, such as, may you have an easy fast.  May your fast go by quickly.  No. We don’t want to voluntarily suffer if we can help it.  We don’t want to see others suffer.  But the worst scenario is to suffer needlessly.  Now we’re getting to why I’ve been inspired to write this paper.

If you’ve celebrated Yom Kippur for many years then you know it’s not an event but a process.  It is one of the most bitter sweet things we’ll experience in this life.  It is not easy for one entire day to focus our minds entirely on our need for Atonement, clean out all unrighteous and impure thoughts about our own “justification”.  We know many will mock and scorn us for seeking Mashiyach, for living our lives in Him, doing our best to enter into the Father.  For being different.  Our own families, friends, other “believers”, poo poo us for showing a desire to renew our spiritual lives.  No, we can’t change the world or anyone around us, but we can ask forgiveness for them, how can anyone understand these things without the Ruach haKodesh working in their lives?

For those who can’t, we ask the Father for forgiveness on their behalf.  For those who can’t pray, we pray.  For those who can’t understand, we ask they would be given understanding and a desire to learn.  Yom Kippur is about “us”, the whole human family of “us.”  Now is when we put away divisions, religious boundaries, stigmas or cliché’s or religious traditions or any “them” and “us” thinking.

On this day of Yom Kippur we are a human family who desperately needs atonement.

If we were not born into this fallen and rebellious world we wouldn’t need atonement.  If mankind had the power within to turn from injustice, from a desperate lack of love for our fellow humans.  If we could all turn from greed, from covetousness (ever buy a lotto ticket) and from materialism (steal a thumbtack – you’re a thief).  If we could turn away from humanism and relativism and live within the common good.  If we had no prejudice or racism or bigotry against anyone or anything, then we wouldn’t need atonement.  The difficult thing is to see this within ourselves and understand that we’ve also made contributions to the lowest elements of this world.  We’ve contributed to those things in this world that we hate.

On the one hand, consider how Ambulance drivers and hospital staff sometimes need to apply electric shock to people’s hearts, to get a heart beating again, maybe for some, Yom Kippur is like a jolt to the spirit, to get the “spiritual heart” beating again.  However, for others Yom Kippur is a time to receive a very close and intimate assurance from the Ruach HaKodesh through an infusion of inner peace knowing that our Father extends His love, forgiveness and acceptance to us.

Atonement is a bridge between the finite and infinite.  There should never be anything in this external world that would stop us from seeking universal atonement for everyone, especially on this day of Atonement.  There is nothing anyone can do to us, or say about us in this life, that YHWH Himself won’t deal with on our behalf.  But on this very special and beautiful Day of Atonement, we all have blood on our hands.  This is the day when judgment belongs to YHWH and we surrender everything to Him, and everyone to him and we make no claims of any of our own righteousness or goodness or “justification.”

There is a special beauty on Yom Kippur in the Jewish world where the mishpocha (family) is one, where we pray for all of Yisrael and indeed all the inhabitants of the earth, that each one will be prepare for that Great Day of YHWH, when Mashiyach will return.

None of us deserves.  We receive because we obey, we ask, we conform our lives to YHWH according to His Word, in the best way we can, it is righteous and pleasing to the Giver of Life Who when we choose simple obedience to Him.

Yom Kippur is a day of spiritual restructuring and renewal and new beginnings.  Many people hear YHWH’s voice on this day but aren’t confident enough to make those changes that He is speaking to them, but those who take the time to fast and pray on this day join with millions of others to hear from Heaven, in a very special way.

I pray that your celebrations to YHWH on this day will draw you closer to Him in manifold ways and strengthen your spirit and set you on a course for a fresh new beginning in Mashiyach.

YHWH be with you,

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel

ps Over the course of our lives we choose the friendship and fellowship we want to be part of.  Let’s be sober and choose well every soul has “angels”, each of us effects the lives of everyone around us, for better or worse.  There are times when we must extricate ourselves from those who play religious games, or lie, or are deceitful or dishonorable, or gossipers, or Torah breakers, or anti-Y’shua, or have been lazy with the things of righteousness and choose to be ignorant of the Word of the Living Elohim and their responsibilities to YHWH.  It is on this day of Atonement that we hope and pray that all relationships will be redeemed and those who have become our enemies may realize that righteousness and Faith isn’t about opinion or debate, but about choosing a lifestyle that is pleasing to YHWH and growing our testimony and Faith in Him.  I say this because some family and friends will likely never want to make reconciliation with YHWH, His Mashiyach or with us, regardless of what we do or say.  Yom Kippur is a time when we rededicate ourselves to YHWH and set ourselves apart to Him and if those around us are not willing or interested in these things then we best move along and find others who love the things of YHWH.  Please respect the difference between righteousness and Faith which is spiritual and sentimentalism and emotions which are not necessarily truthful to us.

Behold how good and how blessed is for brothers to dwell together.


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