Tuesday 1st of December 2020
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The Naked Pulpit

Ever wonder where the idea of a pulpit came from? It only makes sense that you need a place to put your Bible and your notes while you’re preaching, nachon? (correct). In the days of Yeshua, as today, and ever since the giving of the Torah, the Torah was and is elevated by all who value the Word of YHWH. This is where the idea of a “pulpit” originated. The pulpit was originally a place for the Torah scroll to be opened and read from. YHWH chose men to elevate Torah and bring Torah to the populace for all to learn instruction from YHWH, Torah means “instruction in righteousness”. As I write this “sermon”, tomorrow will be Shavuot (Pentecost) and I’m reminded how the Ruach haKodesh was poured out upon Y’shua’s disciples, and that it was this day in history when Moshe was up to the mountain to receive Torah some 3500 years ago.

But the pulpit today is a much different breed of animal than it was in the days of Y’shua, and the stuff that you hear from pulpits today is a very, very different message than Y’shua and the Shlichim (Sent Ones or Apostles) preached nearly 2,000 years ago. Most of what is being heard today, would be unrecognizable by the Shlichim (sent ones) and Talmidim (disciples) whom Y’shua trained up. The pulpits today are naked, they are not “clothed” with Torah, rather everything but Torah. The reality is that the Bible is only given lip service, it is used to make people feel guilty and embed them into the false church system, rather than embed them into the Malchut Elohim, the two are mutually exclusive. Even the sense of “holiness” that is attributed to the pulpit is really a shame and a scam, because Torah is not the foundation of the teaching, religious tradition is. The pulpits in the churches are naked and the reason that most people don’t realize this is because righteousness is not given the foremost place, but it’s religious tradition which is elevated. The man behind the pulpit is also elevated according to the praise of men, his religious credentials are based on the sizes of his audiences, what he says is popular, but it’s paganism and humanism that gives authority to the naked pulpits all over this earth, not truth.

The reason that most Pharisees would not accept Y’shua as Mashiyach, is the same reason that most Christians do not accept Torah as the eternal and steadfast Word of YHWH, because tradition teaches people that Torah is bad and tradition is good. The Pharisees teach that Mashiyach Y’shua is bad, but their tradition (Talmud) is good. Y’shua prophesied, that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the son of man returns, and there is also that very famous passage in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 “Let no one deceive you in any way; because that day will not come, unless there previously come a defection, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition”. “The Great Apostasy” as it came to be known, refers to a false church system that throws off Torah and reinvents itself with all the accoutrements of paganism. And don’t forget that it was Paul who wrote this, and he clearly stated that this was beginning in his day, nearly 2,000 years ago. Grievous wolves were coming into the congregations, bringing in their paganism, lowering the standards which YHWH established in Mashiyach according to Torah. And we can see plenty of evidence of false teachers like Tertullian, Marcion and Ignatius who founded the Christo-Pagan false church, which has become popular among the vast majority of so called Christians.

The power of religious tradition has erected it’s own pulpit, in Jewish circles the Torah is brought out and put on the “pulpit”, but it’s not Torah that is elevated, far from it. The Rabbis teach that Jewish identity is the really big deal. According to Rabbinical Judaism, if you are a Jew, then you have a “Jewish soul,” if you’re not a Jew your soul is goyish and not as esteemed as the lofty Jewish soul, but of course if you convert to “Judaism” then your soul will be under Rabbinical authority and you will be elevated in value, as a “Jewish soul”. NO, the big thing about being a Jew, is not about being a Jew by blood, but the opportunity to “inherit” Torah, and every Jew within every generation must uniquely “re-inherit” Torah. The Rabbis tell lies, they want Jews to think they’ve all got it in the bag, just because they’re Jewish, and it has also become a popular fable in Christian circles, that all Jews are destined for “heaven”. The lies from the pulpit make the people feel good about themselves, but the pulpit is naked, because it dare not bear the infamy of Truth. Pastors and Rabbis know that teaching truth is not popular and that the Pastor or Rabbi across the street (the competition) will tell the people what they want to hear, if they don’t. This is how the Reform Jewish movement became the most popular Rabbinical Jewish movement on earth, it’s relativism’s finest hour, the “Rabbis” are entertainers, and Torah is a sideshow, often the object of jokes and mockery so as to keep people entertained.

One doesn’t need to look very hard into Christianity to see the entertainment factor being of major importance from the pulpits, lukewarm Christo-Pagan churches are now considered the normative. Most Pastors know they need to crack a few jokes, “warm up the crowd”, then play the crowd from their place of “authority”, because people have been conditioned by naked pulpits, they expect the traditional affirmation every Sunday morning or whenever “the pulpit” speaks to them. The Pastor wants the people to know that if they keep coming back, they’ll “be saved”, so a very large part of pulpit ministry is to convince the flock to stay embedded within the false church system. On the other hand, Rabbinical Judaism wants every Jew to know that because they are born Jewish, they have a Jewish inheritance so the “Jewish pulpit” is all about being Jewish. In this case there is a tidbit of truth, seeded into the Rabbinical lake of poison, but it’s not the Jew who makes Torah, it’s the Torah who makes the Jew. Many Yehudim (Jews) consider that being Jewish is a great privilege, because Torah was given to the Jews and some Jews are privileged to grow up around Torah, my great-grandfather, grandfather and father all learned to respect Torah and Mashiyach, it is a family value that YHWH is giver of Torah and that the standard which YHWH set is Mashiyach; Mashiyach elucidated Torah to his followers. I’ve never heard this preached from a Christian pulpit, I heard it from my forefathers who were also slandered and gossiped by the “born-agains”, the Rabbis and the Pastors, because my forefathers opposed traditional religious systems, so that they could follow the Word of YHWH. You can’t have both. Life in this present world system just isn’t like that.

True Christian inheritance is not about being a Christian in name only, but by becoming a new creation, behold old things have passed away, all things have been made new. But Christianity adopted a Hellenized Greek centered value system, most Christians think that if they cognitively understand something, that the knowledge of their theology sanctifies them. The Ruach haKodesh says we must become New Creations, we must be Born from the head (Beginning), in other words our neshama (spirit) must be connected with the Ruach haKodesh as though we’ve never sinned, we are being called to return to the state of righteousness Adam experienced before sin. This is what it means to be “born again”, born of the Ruach (Spirit), so that we steward our bodies and minds according to Mashiyach. We stop breaking Torah, we don’t cope with sin or shop about for a pastor who will tell us that we are forgiven in our sins, that’s paganism. We don’t enjoin ourselves with mockers, slanderers and anti-Torah people, but we come out from among them and be separate unto YHWH and His Mashiyach.

The Book of Nehemiah in the Tanakh records a beautiful event when the men of Israel returned to Torah and put Torah on top of the pulpit rather than their own ideas and traditions. The people cried, they cried for both sadness and joy because after many generations, they finally returned to YHWH and elevated His Word. They realized how many years they wasted and how they had abandoned the Word of YHWH, the Book of Torah (book of the Law), and they cried because the Ruach was also showing them who they were in YHWH, they considered where they could have been had they obeyed, had they listened, had they lived according to the Word of YHWH. They cried for Joy because they could again see the beauty of Torah, the riches and the Majesty and Perfection of the Word of YHWH was being written on their hearts by the Ruach haKodesh, and the Word of YHWH was alive inside of them. And of course everyone knows that the Word of YHWH is MASHIYACH, Mashiyach was being made manifest as when the Word of YHWH spoke with Moshe.

Let’s put two and two together. The “Word of YHWH” is given an unique distinction. Everyone knows that YHWH is outside of time and space, nachon? (correct). YHWH is infinite and it would not be possible for infinite to dwell with finite men. How then could Moshe hear from YHWH Himself, he could not, which is why Moshe heard from the “Word of YHWH”, Who is Mashiyach. Now was that Y’shua who was speaking to Moshe? If we say yes, then we must remember that the Spirit of Mashiyach is not the nephesh (person) that came to earth but the Spirit within Y’shua. Yes, this is the Spirit of Y’shua as there is only one Y’shua, just as there is only one you and one me and there will never be another nephesh in the Universe like you, because YHWH creates each nephesh in His image according to His purposes.

In this weeks Torah portion, NASO, (B’midbar 7) we read of the Nasi (princes) bringing their offerings to YHWH and it’s very insightful that each one brings up exactly the same offering, the point is not the offering itself, but the spirit of each offering. Let’s say that you go to an art class and the instructor gives a verbal description of the picture that you are to paint, yada yada. A week later you and 11 other students come back to the class with your paintings, and one by one you show the class and instructor what you painted, and how and why. This is what we see in the offerings, yes the offerings were the same, but each soul paints them uniquely and differently. There is only one you, and when you make your offerings to YHWH you will make it according to your unique relationship with Him. YHWH hears you, He knows you better than you know yourself so to be true to yourself, make an offering from your spirit, not according to another man, but according to the emphasis of things that are important to you in your relationship with YHWH. You specifically bring thanksgiving and make mention of that which you and your Creator have experienced together, and as you make your offerings and explain them to others, the Name of YHWH is magnified because of your uniqueness complimenting the rest of the body.

The pulpit is the place for Torah to be read and taught from, a place where you are to learn about who YHWH is and what your responsibility is toward Him. But the pulpit has become a place for telling cleverly devised religious theology, a place to tickle ears and give warm fuzzies to make people feel accepted in their sin. The pulpit is a stage for one-man-show leaders, the pulpits are one of paganism’s finest accomplishments, the Kingdom of Elohim is used as a carrot to entice the sheep into hearing all manner of religious fables, and people are required to give their monies and support to all form of false religious system. Y’shua warned us that as it was in the days of Noach, so shall it be when the son of man returns. Religion is a hard taskmaster because it gives people what they want to hear, not what they need. The pulpit in Christo-Paganism is naked, full of untruth, full of humanism, relativism, scorn, complacency, syncretism and a place to take authority over the people, and hand it to false governments, false religious systems, greedy corporations, and endorse sinful living. The naked pulpits bring shameful mockery against YHWH and His Word. One in a thousand Rabbis and Pastors might have the boldness to speak the truth, but as in the days of Y’shua and his disciples, the true followers of Mashiyach met in homes, they were forced out of the religious institutions once they adopted the Truth, and began teaching Truth to others.

As I write this I’m also thinking of the pastors who have contacted me via this website, who have either had to leave or have been banished from churches for introducing the Kingdom of Elohim, they were slandered and gossiped out, but they understood the fact that their responsibility is first unto YHWH and His Mashiyach, to speak the Truth in Love. As it was in the days of Noach there is also a remnant of Jews and Christians who understand that religion is entrapment, tradition is the bait and the Truth lives a wretched and deplorable life among both the religious and “the worldly”. For those who sigh and cry for the abominations being done against YHWH and His Mashiyach there remains the great and precious promises which YHWH gave through His prophets and through Mashiyach who spoke to us as YHWH directed. Come out of her my people, be separate, touch not the unclean thing, don’t drink the wine of Babylon, don’t let the pulpit seduce you into false religion. For those who tremble at His Word, there is the knowledge and understanding of the Day of YHWH which is coming soon to visit the earth, the Word of YHWH will be sanctified in every nation and all manner of government and religious system will be judged by Torah according to YHWH in Mashiyach ben David.

This is what it means in Revelation 11:19 when, “the temple of Elohim was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his covenant: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.” The Eser hadibrot (Ten Commandments) are only one part of YHWH’s judgment, however both the Rabbinical and Christian worlds stumble at the first Commandment, they are embarrassed to use the Set Apart Name of YHWH as He Commands, their religious traditions are the new idols. Religious tradition will die hard, the riff raff will stubbornly shake their fists at heaven when they begin to see that heaven isn’t playing along with their religious games. The religious have no fear of YHWH, only fear of man, fear of the Rabbi, fear of the Pastor, fear of being different, fear of being isolated, fear of loss of their materialistic gods.

What is the substance of life, and the substance of man. It is YHWH who gave us the privilege of life, it is Torah, the Word of YHWH that sustains us, guides us, and comforts us because Torah establishes the basis of all Justice, Righteousness and Peace.

Beware of what comes from the pulpit and do not become tired of fighting the good fight. While the spirit of anti-Messiah speaks evil against Y’shua and Torah, may your ears be trained to know the difference between false religion and the Word of the Living Elohim. The adversary (hasatan) has transformed himself into an angel of light, evil teachers entice you to listen to their great swelling and popular theological fallacies, which are impossible to break from unless you keep your face looking toward YHWH, not man. Rather than let a mouthpiece preach to you from his naked pulpit raise the Word of YHWH in your own life, cherish Torah and ask the Ruach haKodesh to fill you with a love for the Word of YHWH. Ask YHWH to write His Torah (instruction in righteousness) upon your heart, according to the New Covenant and cling to that which is good, because “All scripture that was written by the Spirit, is profitable for instruction, and for decisive refutation, and for correction, and for deep extensive learning in righteousness; that the man of Elohim may become perfect, and complete for every good work.”*

YHWH told us through the Prophets that he would give the world two millennia before Mashiyach ben David, it is a sod (mystery) that is found in many places in the Tanakh and Ketuvim Netzarim. The earth is dying, mankind has raped it’s resources and left his pollution both materially and morally all over, but the worst “environmental disaster” of all comes from right behind the naked pulpits.

YHWH be with you,

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel

*There is much going on in these last two short verses! One of the hallmarks of Western languages like Greek and English is a lack of redundancy in their prose. Hebrew and Aramaic however often appear redundant in their morphology, containing double statements such as, “and he opened his mouth to speak and said…” These verses speak volumes about their original Aramaic composition, since there is no reason to say in Greek “all scripture is written”. The very definition of scripture demands a written document! Instead, Paul is using a double exploitation of the same root ktabas both “scripture” and “writing”. Also the words yulpana(doctrine) and mardota(instruction) are most interesting, since the first word also contains the exact same meaning as the second, but Paul apparently wanted to make a precise point and not list the same word twice. Furthermore “instruction in righteousness” is an excellent definition for “Torah”, this is buffeted by a similar sounding word, toorza which comes right after it. The same phenomenon occurs with gmira(complete) and meshalmin, which also means “complete” but is rendered here as “perfected”. And so we have clusters of similar meanings together: Ktab(scripture, writing); Yulpana(doctrine, instruction) and Mardota(instruction); Gmira(complete, perfection) and Meshalmin(complete, perfection)

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