Tuesday 1st of December 2020
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’ Day
rebDani’El Harris
Kehilat Beyt Avraham
in Ohio, USA
(Tevet 26, 5768)

One month after celebrating the Roman New Year, countless millions of souls, including so-called “believers,” will celebrate yet another pagan holiday on February 14th, called: Valentine’s Day. Many Churches open their doors wide to welcome Cupid and boldly display his image on their walls and in bulletins. The high praises to the Roman god Lupercus are now being heard in the seemingly innocent plea of “will you be my Valentine?

How is it that people never stop to think and ask “why”, “how” and “what” is the origin of such a practice that is not found within the pages of their Bibles? How is it that “pastors” don’t do their jobs and investigate these things before they encourage their teenagers and flocks to engage in these non-Biblical traditions? How is it that such things which YHWH says are an abomination in His sight have become openly embraced by those who say they follow Him? But His eternal Word is rejected?

Despite the seemingly innocent overtones of this so-called “Day of Love,” Valentine’s Day is replete with a bloody, lewd and pagan history. In truth it would make a decent person sick to the stomach to learn all the origins of this worldly festival! May you take this to heart and think before you join the throng with what seems to be an “innocent” tradition that “doesn’t matter.”

In the days of the “superpower” Roman Empire, February 14th was called, “Lupercalia” or “Day of the Wolf” in honor of their wolf-god, “Lupercus.” (Ezek. 22:27; Matt. 7:15). This was later called, “Valentine’s Day” by the Catholic Church. Lupercus is the Roman counterpart to the Greek god, Pan. On this day, the priests of Lupercus would dress in goat skins and smear the blood of goats and a dog all over their bodies; hence the predominant color of red on Valentine’s Day. These priests would then whip the young women waiting nearby with leather thongs called, “februa;” the root word of “February.” The modern term for this wickedness is sadomasochism, which is clearly a demon inspired practice. This superstitious act was thought to make the women fertile.

The names of these women were written down and placed into a lottery box. Does Valentine card boxes come to mind? The men of Rome would then draw the names of these women from the box and the woman whose name they drew would be their partner in fornication until the next Lupercalia, February 14th. The heart-shaped symbol, which is the main symbol for Valentine’s Day, was never intended to represent the heart; it looks nothing like a heart! It represented the female matrix. In an effort to Christianize Lupercalia, the Church changed the lottery from women’s names to the names of “saints.” The game became a contest to emulate the ways of the saint whose name was drawn until the next February 14th.

Instead of the pagan god Lupercus, the Catholic Church looked for a suitable patron saint to take his place. They chose Saint Valentine, who was beheaded for performing marriages forbidden by the Emperor Claudius. So, “Lupercalia” became “Saint Valentine’s Day.” Rather than abandoning this paganism as YHWH commanded, the Church adopted it and just tweeked it a little, like they have so many other unholy things(X-Mess; Easter; Sun-Day, etc.).It’s shameful how “Protestants,” who claim to abhor the Harlot Church system (Catholicism), have embraced the day handed down to them by the “Church” even when it bears a blatant Catholic label: “SAINT Valentine”!

The reigning god of this pagan festival is named “Cupid,” also known as “Eros” in Greek. In Greek mythology, he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares. Cupid was the god of lust, “love” and intercourse. Contrary to the perception most people have of little cupid being the mischievous little “cherub.” The one who shoots unsuspecting young men and women with his magic arrows, causing them to fall in love with each other. Cupid was the instigator of homosexual “love!”

The pagan goddess Aphrodite was believed to rule over the love between men and women, but her son Cupid was the patron god of “male love.” His statue was found in the all-male, all-nude wrestling schools, which was one of the main venues for homosexual encounters. It was to Cupid/Eros, whom the Spartans sacrificed before going to battle. The “Greek Anthology” says, “The Cyprian Queen (i.e. “Aphrodite”)…hurls the fire that maddens men for women; but Eros(“Cupid”) himself sways the passion for males.”

Now all you parents who buy Valentine cards for your children, you school teachers and “pastors” who decorate your classrooms and church bulletins with the image of this homosexual, pagan god… Why do you do such wickedness and say that it’s all just for fun? Why do you say that this doesn’t matter? That it’s been sanctified by “the Church.”

The Almighty never uses the Church or His people to sanctify paganism!!!

Despite the Church’s attempt to re-dress, re-name and romanticize such abomination, it remains as “Lupercalia” in the Eyes of YHWH and therefore completely forbidden for His children to engage in.

“Hear you the Word which YHWH speaks to you…


For the customs of the peoples are VANITY !”

Jeremiah 10:14

If you want to encourage your young adults to find their sweetheart, or even find someone for yourself for that matter, instead of using a pagan day as an excuse, how about taking a lesson from the ancient Israelites and celebrate YHWH’s Set Apart Feasts? On the 15th of the biblical month of “Av” and on Yom Kippur, the “Day of Atonement,” Jewish girls would go out into the vineyards wearing borrowed white dresses (so as not to embarrass those who didn’t have one of their own). They would dance in the vineyards and exclaim: “Young man, lift up your eyes and look, whom you may choose! Consider not beauty, but family” (Tal’mud, Ta’anit 26b)

Today there is opportunity for men and women to meet each other in many diverse ways as they are part of a group who are helping others and building the Kingdom of Elohim with others. To make reference to a pagan feast and credit it for coming together is very unwise, if you were ignorant before that is one thing, but you are not ignorant now.

Where’s the Romance?

Imagine how awesome it would be to meet your soul mate on one of YHWH’s Feast Days? Isn’t this something that you would always cherish? Isn’t this something that you could tell future generations about? During a wholesome time where you gathered together in YHWH’s Name and you met the one of your dreams?

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