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The hero originated in mythological legend, the hero was considered to be from divine ancestry, endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for bold exploits and favored by the gods. The Hero is of course noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life for something grand. The hero lends him or herself to dramatic and important events in the eyes of the greater population. The hero is proud of him or herself and proud of most everything he or she accomplishes. The hero is loud and proud, thinking that people look up to him and want to be like him or her, anyone who might reject the hero is only jealous. In the Kingdom of Elohim the hero is an abominable pagan, but those who fear YHWH and live a righteous life shall be praised. Certainly righteous souls may be called on to do mighty exploits, but never as “a hero”, the righteous do exploits as servants of YHWH, not heros. Yeshua said “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant”. YHWH tells us that He hates a proud look, He reminds us that Mashiyach is the standard and the enemies of Mashiyach are they who diminish Yeshua in order to magnify themselves.

Pride manifests itself as “the Hero”

Light and vain souls follow their Hero.

The Mashiyach never came as a “hero”, nor did He buddy buddy up with “the boys”, the fact of the matter is Yeshua is the anti-type of the hero and everything He stands for exposes the hero as a hireling and fake. The hero “spirit” reveals itself in it’s victim through fantasy and pride, it reduces people into crusts of bread they become robots of the adversary but think themselves to be “G-d’s gift” to the world. The hero spirit seeks to be recognized as the leader, authority or scholar and takes on a grand vision for it’s victim stopping at nothing to fulfill it’s task, people are always expendable. The hero spirit lies, steals, cheats, gossips and does anything it can to fulfill the goal of the “hero spirit” and when it is found out it makes war and causes divisions. The religious hero victim wants to do “good works” to feed the hero spirit, the hero victim markets itself as an “anointed leader”, but the signs and fruits tell a very different story. The demonized hero believes him or herself to be on the cutting edge of “the spirit” or scholarship, revelation, truth or “spiritual” authority. The hero spirit is pride in it’s purest form, it is very malicious and evil so beware. Those with the hero demon calculate their every move, they posture themselves and those around them are peons on the hero’s chessboard. The Hero demon operates his or her “ministry”, “teaching” or “vision” as a business or enterprise, they don’t make disciples because all their “glory” is inherent pride.

The hero demon is very very busy with their “vision” or “ministry”, rather than living a righteous life in YHWH and seeking Him each day, they are busy telling others what their futures hold, how each one ought to “support their ministry”, and they provide assurance that their followers are “saved”. The hero spirit doesn’t need to hear anything from YHWH because it has it’s own self made “vision”, and it professes to know things that many others don’t or can’t know, and they are first to know, always on the cutting edge. The hero demon spews out Crapitalism (which is to say or do anything to get money and support), it’s super busy making many new connections, bigger contact lists and accessing more people who are potential followers or donors to “the vision”. The hero needs to “play the part” and be important which also is demonstrated by making others unimportant, and using them to bolster up a persona which they market to anyone who will listen to them.

Ever hear testimony of those who say that God is calling them to speak in front of thousands of people, or minister to powerful leaders of various countries and do mighty feats that will garner recognition. I’ve naively thought, “well then just do it already, what are you waiting for?”… but then I’ve realized in my own soul how I’ve had to guard myself from unclean fantasies of grandeur and pride. It’s quite obvious that many souls have taken unclean fantasies upon themselves thinking this to be their life’s calling. The hero demon is an easy trap to fall into for those who want to do good to and make a better world, but Y’shua taught:

1. And take heed in your almsgiving so that you should not do it before the sons of men so that you may be seen by them for otherwise you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. 2. Therefore when you do almsgiving you should not sound a trumpet before you as do the hypocrites in the assemblies and in the marketplaces so that they be praised by the sons of men and truly I say to you that they have received their reward. 3. But whenever you do almsgiving, you should not reveal what your left hand does to your right hand. 4. So that your almsgiving might be in secret and your Father who sees in secret He will reward you in open. 5. And whenever you pray you should not be like the hypocrites that love to stand in the assemblies and on the corners of

the marketplaces to pray that they be visible to the sons of men. And truly I say to you that they have received their reward. 6. But when you pray enter your inner room and close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret and your Father who sees in secret He will reward you in open. 7. And when you pray, you should not be chatterers like the pagans, for they hope that by many words they will be heard. Matthew 6:1-7

Making a better world, starts with becoming a better person.

It’s very apparent that a hero mentality is nothing but pride attacking the body of Mashiyach, and wreaking havoc and confusion, why do some people demand that they be so highly visible and powerful? Some of these leaders are simply fearful of encountering their own demons, because they have no authority against them, some souls obviously don’t care that demons infiltrate the will of a person by planting unclean thoughts in their minds. Many souls with harmful habits or hero addictions, are too proud to ask for help, but the hero demon is commonly accepted in religious worlds as business as usual. Yeshua expended much time to deliver people from demons, but nearly 2,000 years later catastrophic levels of demonic activity exist in and out of “the body”, but many “shepherds” are either dozing off, trying to get on board the next “wave” in the church or trying to create the next “wave”.

While writing this, I thought of the testimonies of various souls who harbor fantasies of grandeur, one mentioned how “G-d showed” her that she was going to be a great evangelist to speak in front of tens of thousands of people, another fellow stated he knew he was destined to bring thousands of people into the Kingdom. Another believes he must work extremely hard in his business, because everything he owns belongs to YHWH, and YHWH will use him in a mighty way to educate others, but in the meantime he is a chronic workaholic and a severe control freak. Another believes himself to be on the “cutting edge” of Truth and that YHWH is using Him to restore the Ancient Paths, but he can’t even keep his word and doesn’t trust others. Another profiles every soul he “ministers to”, he cases them out to find out what they can do for his “ministry”, some he immediately discards because he can’t trust them (ie they don’t come under his authority), others he uses by finding their weak spots and telling them what they want to hear (after all Paul said that unto the Jews, he became as a Jew, that he might gain the Jews). Many people become chameleons because everybody’s doing it, they’ve watched their leaders and mentors play the politician. Another soul showed keen interest in Torah Observance until he mustered enough help to fulfill his hero vision, he looks for “opportunities” in others, but now he teaches against Torah because he is operating in Christian circles. Another “hero” claims to hold a fistful of Doctorates and demands to be blockquoteed with flattering titles, he postures himself as be the only authentic Netzarim Jewish Rabbi on earth…

The demonic hero spirit is taking a huge toll on peoples souls, it’s unclean, it’s selfish, it’s full of pride. The hero spirit is also the single most obvious trait of “Americanism”. Americans are being fed the hero spirit every day they turn on “the media”, it’s Hollywood’s biggest sales machine for Crapitalism, it effects every aspect of American economy, religion and is the core value of the American Dream. The hero is so engrained in the American psyche that it plagues the growth of the Netzarim movement in America. The Netzarim movement suffers by men who want to be hero leaders and who are pushing hard to be the big dog on the porch, they want wider recognition, financial support, larger databases because this is how the hero evaluates his self importance. It’s not about serving, but about leading, having the last word, being the final authority, it’s a patently puritanical pagan value system that opposes the values that Y’shua taught, but it’s very popular among “leaders”.

The most destructive force within leadership are fantasies of being great heroes of “the Faith”. Some American leaders unabashedly make movies about themselves and promote their heroism propaganda, portraying themselves as “heroes of the world”. This demon of pride and self importance is the opposite of humility, and the work of the Ruach haKodesh. YHWH hates a proud look, He hates pride and the puffed up man, unfortunately many leaders are too immature to realize they are going nowhere fast, many think in terms of their own heroism rather than in their identity in Yeshua or being servants of Mashiyach. It’s shameful to sell the hero concept “because that’s what people want”, thankfully Y’shua demonstrated a love for us and gave us what we needed, not what our flesh wanted. Where would we be today if Y’shua became our “buddy” and just patted us on the back so that he could curry favor with large numbers of people? but this is exactly what religious heros are known for, they act as politicians, rather than disciples.

It’s not too likely that American Netzarim, Israelite, Messianic and Christian leaders will be able to put down their hero demons in the near future, even if they see how destructive they really are, because the identity of many leaders is based on their self important ministries. Many leaders take their examples from Pastors, Rabbis or other leaders who uphold the hierarchy of heroism, but when the unclean values and actions are being exposed, they quickly turn their gossip guns on those who are not on “the same page”. Jeremiah stated, “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go everyone into his own country”. The value system of the hero originates in Babylon with Nimrod, the hero becomes a Nimrod for Mashiyach.

It makes no difference what religious label the demon hero spirit chooses to operate under, it’s the same shtick. The hero spirit wants the top position, it demands recognition, and uses flattery to finesse the “flock”. Most Americans are happy to stroke someone’s pride, knowing they’ll get theirs stroked by others. This is what makes America such a great nation in their own eyes, a national demon of pride defines the majority of America. Certainly not all Americans buy into the hero lie, there is always a remnant that are separate, but you can be sure these souls are not winning popularity contests. All form of nationalism and heroism is nothing but pride that has no place in the Body of Mashiyach. The hero demon has a goal to sit on top of the hierarchy, like Nimrod who made himself a hero in the eyes of men.

The Shlichim (sent ones) of YHWH reveal the opposite value system, each one is careful to build up the body and serve others to attain their goals in Mashiyach, rather than be served by the body. Rav Shaul worked with his own hands, on many occasions he exhorted the body to work with their hands, and to be givers rather than takers, but the hero wants to take from others so that he or she can lead and direct others, rather than be.

All who will follow Mashiyach and be entrusted in the Kingdom of Elohim must confess pride,

unclean hero fantasies, and turn to YHWH to find out how to serve His people.

It is despicable when a leader is not transparent or accountable to anyone but themselves, and insist on doing that which is right in their own eyes. When their vision is more important than the “little people”, this is clear evidence that their soul has gone off into an ego trip of pride and heroism. If a leader demands to live a higher material standard off the financial support of their congregation, this is because they think very highly of themselves, they are heroes, not servants. If they lay out the ultimatum of demanding veto authority, then you know they think more “highly” of themselves than they do of serving Mashiyach, and this is evidence of a hero demon. Or if they routinely neglect to keep their word, or wave carrots to keep others serving them, or not be accountable or accessible to the “little people”, then you should know you are dealing with a hero demon, not a servant of Mashiyach. “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Mashiyach. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

And he sat down, and called the twelve, and said unto them,

If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch ben Daniel

“The Torah which a man learns in this world is but vanity compared to the Torah of Messiah.”

Midrash Qohelet 11:8

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