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“David danced before YHWH with all his might;

and David was girded with a linen ephod. 

So David and all the house of Israel brought up the ark of YHWH

 with shouting, and with the sound of the trumpet.”

2 Samuel 6:14-15

Many only know of the world’s version of dance, but there’s a radical departure from this that pertains to the “dance of Mashiyach.”  King David danced, and had very good reason.  The King of Israel celebrated the Ark of YHWH being brought up up to Jerusalem, the City of David.  The ark contains the Covenant YHWH made with His people, expressing His Love, Justice, Peace, Equality, Prosperity to His people.  The Eser haDibrot (Ten Commandments) indicates how YHWH is intimately involved with each of us.  YHWH our Father knows us better than we know ourselves.  King David celebrated the fact that YHWH chose him as King and that YHWH’s Torah is altogether Righteous.

The dance of David was an outward celebration that YHWH created within us, YHWH chose us and we belong to Him.  We have great Joy and confidence in His love towards us, knowing that YHWH sent His Mashiyach to establish His Word, and to make Atonement for us and Deliver us.  Our physical bodies therefore express the inner Joy of YHWH’s Spirit living inside of us.  Who He is to each of us, what He he means to us is expressed by our worship towards Him.  The Dance of David was unto YHWH and His Mashiyach, a dance of unmitigated Joy and Celebration.

Upon first glance of the Kadosh (Set Apart) Scriptures we see that the dance is very straightforward, but it is also a complex and important aspect of truth and covenant undergirding it, one of the root words for the “Feasts” of YHWH contains the word from which the word dance is closely associated.

And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh,

Thus says YHWH Elohim of Israel, Let my people go,

that they may hold a CHAGAG (feast) unto me in the wilderness.

Exodus 5:1

And when he had brought him down, behold, they were spread abroad upon all the earth,

eating and drinking, and CHAGAG (dancing), because of all the great spoil that they had

taken out of the land of the Philistines, and out of the land of Judah.

1 Samuel 30:16

The same Hebrew word chagag or chag means feast and implies dancing, it is also translated as holy day, solemn feast and in eight places as, “keep a feast”.  The feasts of YHWH are a time to join together in unity, dance is a visual demonstration of this unity and joy before our Father YHWH.  YHWH requires and instructs us to express joy and gratitude for the things that are pleasing unto Him and in everything we also find delight in Him.

Meditating upon YHWH and remembering the blessings He showers upon us makes our souls want to dance and rejoice in Him.  The mighty Hand of YHWH provides Justice, Mercy and Peace for our souls and for our families, our communities and our nations, we all have many things to be thankful for.  The body of Mashiyach participates together in love and compassion with others in the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom of God), we witness YHWH’s Righteousness and Mercy along with all those who belong to Him.

The Dance, along with all forms praise focuses our spirits upon YHWH, a great way to avoid all the distractions of the material world is to invest time in praise and worship.  As we focus on YHWH, our love for Him and each other grows and we become transformed into the Image of Elohim.  Dance as a form of praise is revelatory experience that unites us all.  No two people will describe their thoughts and feelings about the dance exactly the same way, each of us enters into praise and worship from our hearts as we are each uniquely created and have unique expressions of praise and worship.  Each individual expresses themselves uniquely in the Dance.  Yet the Dance and the motions are the same for all of us, like a phrase of unique physical action, each individual chooses their own words to express themselves.  There is an energy and emotion and spiritual connection that is inherent and distinguishable within each individual which makes for a wonderful expression of praise and thanksgiving unto our Father YHWH.

The obstacles of the dance are also many and varied, self awareness (usually because of people gawking), lack of confidence, or lack of will to assert ourselves in the Dance are among the many hurdles of they who are not accustomed to dance.  Even the word “dance” itself is an obstacle, dance denotes the lusts of the flesh for many people, or sensual pleasures and carnal experiences and memories of dancing.  But the Dance unto YHWH is not unto others, or for the benefit of others, it is much like prayer to the Father so much so that when we Dance unto Him we leave the mundane thoughts behind.  Certainly the weak flesh can easily take that which is Set Apart to YHWH and turn it into a fashion show, or a competition, and there all manner of unclean rivalry and matters of pride that can enter into what is meant to bring beauty and unity.  Some folks need to be the center of attention, they crave recognition and can never have enough, there are all manner of spiritual attacks that come against the body whenever joy and victory and fellowship in YHWH are experienced.  Therefore the Dance can also be a time of overcoming the struggles that are within and simply release all the external thoughts about oneself and others and focus towards Heaven.

Dance choreography can be turned into a meditation by connecting each movement to a meditation.  For example a song called Hallelu repeats some basic movements with hands lifted in praise directed to the Father, it goes into 3 mayim steps as the dancer waves the right hand back and forth, which can be seen as the firstfruits wave offering.  A coupe’ then a three point turn back brings the dancer into the original position.  This Dance reminds me of Y’shua being the wave sheaf offering, and how he was three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.  Y’shua rose at the end of the weekly Shabbat during Chag haMatzah the next day was Yom haBikkurim.  It just so happens that the choreography for this dance has components that remind us of the first fruits and praise unto YHWH.  Each dance has the potential of being a Scriptural meditation and it is up to dance instructors to have a consciousness of these things, imparting them to the beginners.

A dance leader acts as a spiritual Levite, he or she is bringing the body of Mashiyach into worship therefore depending upon how mature the leader is, will depend upon the potential of the dance.  Those who are looking for a “good time” and an opportunity to show off their bodies also have an obvious agenda in the flesh, and it’s not easy for congregations to all rise above this unless there is effective and truthful ministry within the body, rather than a social club mentality.

Zechariah 14:16, 18, 19 speaks of the requirement for all nations to keep the feast of tabernacles, this is referring to the Day when all the nations will come up to Jerusalem to celebrate in haMashiyach.  This is a day when Mashiyach will rule and reign from Tsiyon, the Holy Mountain of YHWH.  The Government of Mashiyach will encompass the universe and those to refuse to go up will dry up and die.  The feast is a Chag, a time for joyous celebration, you wouldn’t want to miss it.  So now is a good time to rehearse the dance and express Joy before the King of Kings because when he returns the Chagim (Feasts) will all be restored according to what the Prophets of YHWH have written.

We need to enter into Mashiyach each day, by doing so we are also preparing for the biggest celebration of the Universe as we learn the Song of Moshe and the Song of the Lamb.  According to D’varim/Deut. 16:13-14 YHWH commands Joy for the Feast of Tabernacles, this is expressly mentioned for the Feast of Tabernacles but applies to all other Feasts of YHWH as well.  A person enters into the Feast of Tabernacles by realizing this Feast is extremely symbolic of Mashiyach ben David’s return.  Mashiyach came and tabernacled with us and he will return again to bring all nations to tabernacle with him.

Offerings of praise and worship given during the Feasts represent the Father’s Universal order and peace unto all the nations of the earth, together within the One Righteous Government of YHWH and His Mashiyach.  This feast looks toward the return of Mashiyach when there will be equality, justice and peace for all humanity.  The tyranny of greed and fallen man will be no longer, false governments, false prophets, false leaders and the false system of Babylon will be defeated and no longer be remembered.  Mashiyach will rule and reign in righteousness, the poor will receive respect and fairness.  If this isn’t cause for great celebration and dance then there is no cause.

Y’shua was very likely circumcised on the Shemini Atzeret (the assembly of the eighth day), which represents the Olam haBa (World to Come), therefore the dance is for our spirits to be strengthened, but it points toward our future.  Imagine the days when King David and Eliyahu, Yirmeyahu, Z’kharyah, Hoshea and all the true Prophets of YHWH join with the Shilchim (Apostles) and Mishpocha (Family) with the Heavenly Messengers as a Kedoshim (Set Apart People) unto YHWH.  If this isn’t great cause for dance what is?

If our spirits dance, then our body wants to dance, this is the focus when it comes to Dance, when our neshama is full and overflowing like King David we unashamedly and outwardly express our delight in YHWH and His Mashiyach.  So if in doubt, get off the chair or couch and dance.  If you feel you are not “good enough” to try it, consider what it would be like if you had a knock on your door one erev Shabbat and a “stranger” asked to be invited in.  Suppose that you knew you were having a  “visitation” from and angle or Mashiyach.  Are you “good enough”?  Is your home “good enough”?  Your food, your table, your wine, your furniture?  NO, the fact is that nothing we have is “good enough”, but it’s the best we have and therefore acceptable to Mashiyach.

We all know that Mashiyach favored the poorest of the poor, because he valued the souls of everyone higher than all who came before him.  We must not then be self-aware, YHWH is aware of all our circumstances.  What we must do though is examine ourselves and understand ourselves and ask YHWH to cleanse us from anything that is not pleasing to Him.  The Dance is an opportunity to do this, to outwardly express our inward delight in the Father.

We should all encourage each other in the dance, the visitors, the elderly and those who are shy or self aware.  It is up to each of us in YHWH’s congregation serve those who need a boost of confidence and we do this by extending hospitality and love.  Just like Avraham who treated three sojourners as though they were more worthy than himself.  This is evidence of being in Mashiyach and having the Spirit of Mashiyach within us.

The dance is not only about the movements, or the choreography and songs, but the atmosphere of Mashiyach among his people, where Grace, Mercy and Love is nurtured and kindness is demonstrated.  It’s a time to exercise all the spiritual gifts that operate within the congregation and make restrict and put away our pride, sensuality, selfishness or anything of the flesh that would cause division.  The dance that is acceptable to YHWH is the one that is offered “in” Him and therefore there is neither place for the flesh to flaunt itself or place to diminish the simcha (joy) of others who are together.

May your dances to the Father be a sweet savor to YHWH and His Mashiyach, now and forever.

Amen ve Amen!

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel