Tuesday 1st of December 2020
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Ordering One’s Life in the Kingdom of Elohim

“And he believed in YHWH; and He counted it to him for righteousness.” Genesis 15:6

For many its a daily struggle to move ahead in life. Many struggle in relationships, in marriage, in raising their children, or always busy fighting off attacks of the enemy, seeing little or any progress is tough.

Life for many is all about struggle.

A story told by millions of well meaning souls.

However, one of the most undervalued aspects of Spiritual Warfare, victory over the enemy,

that there ever was,

is a simple foundational Torah Principle that can radically change life in an instant.

It can help you amass true wealth.

It can help you get the victory over the carnal flesh.

It’s a Hebrew rhyme

Chashav v’Kathav

Write the Account

The first time the word Chashav is used in Torah, it is mentioned in Genesis 15:6, here it is translated as “counted”. Chashav is used 124 times in Scripture, it is translated count, devise, think, imagine, cunning, reckon, purpose, esteem, account, impute, forecast, regard, workman, conceived, made, held etc, we can see that the word is all about forward thinking.

Kathav is used 212 times in Scripture, it is translated to write, describe, subscribe, record, enrol. Clearly it is imperative that a person write out the account of the matter for several reasons. It’s not necessary to list all the benefits of writing out a business plan, here are a few:

To be successful we all must have a life’s plan and know how we will fulfill our life’s calling. It becomes paramount if we are interested in expanding our life and influence for a better future. The bigger our life goals, the more contributors, counsellors and workers are needed to fulfill our plans. The righteous Chashav will always bring souls together with accountability and synergy. A team effort finds ways to increasingly reward everyone on the team. The Chashav puts out the word, and tells the world which direction we are going. This is in effect sanctifying our time and resources to put towards our goal. As we share the Chashav with others we quickly determine who is supportive and who isn’t. Negative souls are also faithless souls, these like to debate for the sake of debate. Righteous souls will support your goals and seek to help find solutions to move you forward. Many times conflicts can be avoided if the Chashav is fair, good for all, clear and concise.

Before a couple marry they agree on a Ketuba (writing or covenant) which is a Chashav they write together. A Ketuba outlines how they will be prospered and protected together for the rest of their lives. Marriage is only as good as the partners are willing to fulfill the covenant to each other. So it is for an individual who writes out a Chashav for him or herself. The strength of fulfilling your Chashav should be as a covenant of righteousness to yourself, the more resistance that comes your way, the stronger and wiser you will become.

Life is not just happening to you by random chance. You have a Chashav that is focused on fulfilling your primary work in the Kingdom of Elohim. When you begin to see this come together, life gets exciting, resources and synergy avails itself. You will see that your Father YHWH will separate you unto Himself and put His blessings upon you. Why? Because you have purposed in your heart to walk in Faith and represent His Great Name according to righteous actions. It is impossible for you to fail, nothing on earth will defeat you if YHWH has opened the door to His Kingdom and His blessings upon your life.

“Then they that feared YHWH spoke often one to another: and YHWH hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was Kathav (written) before him for them that feared YHWH,and that Chashav (thought) upon his Name.” Malachi 3:16

YHWH be with you,

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel