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Part 1

The Nature of Mashiyach

The Neshama (Spirit) of Mashiyach visited earth along with the soul and body of Y’shua ben Yoseph.  As Y’shua is Spirit, soul and body, each one of us is also created with a unique neshama (spirit), and we can choose to live according to own neshama and bring it to life by how we live.  Each of us has the opportunity to search out and discover the Spirit of YHWH within us, Mashiyach is the fullness of the Ruach haKodesh bodily.  It is impossible to understand the Nature of Mashiyach without being able to reference our own spirit.  We can grow our neshama by disciplining our thoughts, words and actions according to the Word of YHWH Who is Mashiyach.  It is the Spirit within us that reveals Mashiyach.  It is not about theology but a relationship with YHWH and His Mashiyach in which He chooses to reveal Himself to those who seek Him.

The Spirit in Mashiyach is what brings a spiritual birth that permits us to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom of Elohim.  Because Yeshua was “born of” the Ruach haKodesh, he never sinned, this is what qualified him to be Mashiyach.  Netzarim Jews believe in the testimonies of Miriam, Yoseph and all who bore witness to the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Y’shua Mashiyach.  The true destiny of ALL who live for YHWH in the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom of Elohim) is to be redeemed from sin and death that entered the world at Gan Eden.

Eye witness accounts and testimonies regarding Y’shua have been handed down by his many followers, originally they spoke in the local vernacular of Aramaic and Hebrew about the many teachings and events that Y’shua gave before and after he resurrected from the grave.  Thousands of Jews and Greek followers of Yeshua were willing to be persecuted and tortured, rather than deny Mashiyach, these souls experienced the purpose of life in Mashiyach, physical life became much less important than spiritual life.

Knowing Mashiyach awakens and reveals our own unique neshama that was created in the Image of Elohim.  Those who follow Mashiyach are lovers of Torah and “All Righteousness”, because obedience to the Word of YHWH is the key to entering into Truth and connecting with Mashiyach.  Those who are derogatory against Y’shua, Torah or the testimonies of the witnesses “know not Mashiyach”, and therefore compare themselves or their peers to Mashiyach.  And certainly when one studies the Life of Y’shua it is clear that he was a man of “impossibilities” and “infamy” no other person has been talked about and studied as much as Y’shua.  However any soul who hastily rejects Mashiyach is also limiting the potential of their own neshama.  Certainly no one who understands the meaning of Covenant, Righteousness, Faith and Judgment would ever accept the “Jesus” religions that are a continuum of paganism, and yet the many false interpretations of Y’shua simply provide more credibility to his Messiahship.  No person in history has been more obfuscated and rewritten than the life and teachings of Y’shua and the obvious reason is because the enemy of truth would rather that you never find your way to the real Mashiyach.  Everyone who has found their way to Mashiyach has also endured many religious sideshows and been offered plenty of socially convenient religious ideas to cause them to take detours and dead ends.

“she was found with child of the Ruach haKodesh.”Matthew 1:18

Netzarim Jews believe what is written in the Ketuvim Netzarim which records “the Virgin Birth”, as is recorded.  It is no mystery why YHWH would choose a woman to carry the child who was destined to be Mashiyach, but those who claim it’s impossible or not probable are overriding the testimony of righteous witnesses.  Those who deny the account of Y’shua’s birth have also charged the witnesses with bearing false witness and bringing deception into the world, but on what grounds do people make such charges?  What hearsay information do they put their trust in, what person was there who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Miriam was not a virgin when she gave birth to Y’shua?  The fact is that a group of Pharisees had passed judgment according to their own tradition to bring defamation against Yeshua and his followers.  But the record holds that Yeshua was a righteous Jew, born into a righteous Jewish family, eight days after he was born he had brit milah and he lived a life doing good to Jewish people, that made him the most famous Jew of all time.

“And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child,his name was called Y’shua, which was so named of the angelbefore He was conceived in the womb.”Luke 2:21

Y’shua Mashiyach is the Arm of YHWH revealed, from before he was conceived in the womb.  The Memra (WORD) of YHWH is manifest in Yeshua, however the Mishchah (anointing) Y’shua was given by YHWH made Him Mashiyach.  Y’shua never broke Torah, he never sinned.  Y’shua was made a little lower than the angels when he became a nephesh (soul) as are we according to Psalm 8:5.  Each of us has the capacity to open our spirits up to YHWH and increase our anointing in Mashiyach, those who deny Yeshua also deny the potential for YHWH to establish His Ruach within them.  Most religious souls rather content with status quo acceptance rather than entering into the deeper things of Mashiyach, which invariably causes conflict between the disciple and the staus quo.  Many religions teach that YHWH is unknowable, but the goal of Mashiyach is to reveal YHWH to those who would be upright and live for Him.

“But we see Y’shua, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death,crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of Elohim should taste death for every man.”Hebrews 2:9

Yochanan, the greatest Prophet of his day officiated the immersion (mikvah) of Y’shua.

“And Y’shua, when He was immersed, went up straightway out of the water:and, behold, the heavens were opened unto Him,and He saw the Spirit of Elohim descending like a dove, and lighting upon Him: And behold a voice from heaven, saying,’This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased’.” Matthew 3:16-17 

Y’shua being the “beloved son” does not disqualify others from being sons or daughters of YHWH, each one who walks in YHWH is also given a unique anointing.  After his immersion Y’shua prevailed mightily against the tempter and went on to reveal the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom of Elohim) to the world.  In the course of time Y’shua made enemies of the religious ruling class by exposing their religion and dirty deeds.  The ruling class padded wallets, plotted an early morning mock trial, limited the attendance to their own accusers and put Mashiyach to the torture stake before the rest of the people knew it was happening.  Under the protection of Roman soldiers the body of Y’shua was put on the stake, some say that his body was flogged and ripped apart so badly that onlookers could hardly tell that it he was a human being.

 “He is not here: for He is risen…Matthew 28:6

“The Angel of YHWH” that is recorded in the Tanakh is Mashiyach, see Genesis 16:7, 9, 10, 11; 22:11, 15; Exodus 3:2; Numbers 22:22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 31, 32, 34, 35; Judges 2:4; 5:23; 6:12, 21; 13:3, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21; 2 Samuel 24:16; 1 Kings 19:7; 2 Kings 1:3, 15; 19:35; 1 Chronicles 21:12, 15, 16, 18, 30; Psalm 34:7; 35:5, 6; 37:36, Isaiah 37:36; Zechariah 1:11, 12; 3:1, 5, 6; 12:8.  The Angel of YHWH is given the Name of YHWH, all other angels are not given this honor, but Yeshua (YHWH is SALVATION) has YHWH in his Name, that is why YHWH tells us “MY NAME is in Him”.  Yeshua was never called YHWH until he became the RIGHT ARM of YHWH, and had ascended into Heaven.  It would have been abominable for his Talmidim to call Yeshua YHWH while He was on earth in mortal flesh, or even to refer to him as “my Elohim” to his face except that they were acknowledging the Spirit within him.

 “Behold, the days come, says YHWH, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.  In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is His name whereby He shall be called, YHWH Tsidkenu.”Jeremiah 23:5,6

The “Righteous Branch” refers to Mashiyach, YHWH Tsidkenu refers to Mashiyach, “the Angel of YHWH”.

The Neshama of Y’shua is the Ruach HaKodesh of YHWH, He said…

 “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him* unto you.”John 16:7

We each have a unique Neshama (Spirit) and Nefesh (Soul).  Mashiyach displayed great emotion and compassion for his people, he demonstrated anger towards those who were stealing from the poor and love for those who had compassion upon others.  Let’s consider the office of Mashiyach.

Y’shua is the Arm of YHWH revealed who came in the flesh, but there is no need to imagine two or three beings or persons within a “G-dhead”, this kind of thinking is pagan in origin.  It wasn’t until +/- 220 AD that a Greek thinker named Tertullian coined the term “Trinity”.  Tertullian and the Greek founders of the Christo-pagan Church (Matt 23:9 says don’t call them fathers) like Marcion etc, never learned about Y’shua from his own followers, they never knew what the Word of YHWH reveals regarding the Unity of YHWH.  Most of the Church founders, had no knowledge of Hebrew or Aramaic although some witnessed Hebrew and Aramaic Ketuvim Netzarim writings being in circulation.  Tertullian coined the word “Trinity” after reading Philo who coined the word “Triad”, by 375 AD martyrdom over the theology of “the Trinity” was well under way in Western Christianity, it wasn’t until the 12th century that the Church of the East also began to use the term.  Philo, got his ideas from the oral Kabbalah which referred to Mashiyach as the “middle pillar”, which harmonizes all the Attributes of YHWH as One.  Mashiyach came into time and space, but his Father YHWH exists outside of time and space.  When Mashiyach was revealed as the Arm of YHWH we saw “the Father”, but we did not and could not possibly see all dimensions of YHWH’s power and might!  How can finite beings input infinite data into our minds and spirits?  It’s not possible, but it is possible for Mashiyach, the “Anointed of YHWH”, to reveal the Father to us within time and space.

 Part 2The Revelation of “the G-dhead”


“Persons of the Trinity”

“the union of three divine persons”

The word “Trinity” is not found in Scripture but the reason it was coined it obvious.  The Greek mind was very centered on polytheism, the title Elohim for instance is the plural of Eloah, and Scripture says let “us” make man in our own image, therefore many conclude this is a numerical plural but it is not.  It is a Sovereign plural that reflects dimensions of YHWH that exist both outside and within time and space.

It is very difficult to imagine the spiritual nature of YHWH, part of the problem rests with the personification of “spirits”.  In the pagan world “ghosts” are given pet names and personalities, and this thinking has also been applied to the One True Elohim, but the truth is that YHWH is One Spirit, not many.  The Spirit of YHWH is YHWH, He is not a “person”, and cannot be categorized by man’s numerical or limited dimensional being:

“Don’t you know that you are the temple of Elohim, and that the Spirit of Elohim dwells in you? If any man defile the temple of Elohim, him shall Elohim destroy; for the temple of Elohim is holy, which temple ye are.” 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17.

The people of YHWH have the Spirit of Elohim within them, and every human soul also has a unique human spirit. “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” John 3:6.  The spirit within man begins when seeking YHWH and His Mashiyach, the Spirit within man is not a separate entity of man, it is consistent within man and is known and understood according to the spirit, soul, mind, will, and emotions.  Humans experience spiritual things which are impossible to put into time and space with words and description, because these are things outside of time and space and impossible to explain within the material world.

Persons of the Trinity” is complex, a “person” has an intellect, emotions, will, physical body, and a spirit so to say “persons” of the Trinity is very problematic, simply because YHWH is not a “person”, you are a “person”, I am a “person”.  We do find that in Torah, the Neviim, the Ketuvim Netzarim the writers stress that YHWH is Echad, He is ONE.  So although the word “Trinity” might suffice as a harmless and quick reference to the G-dhead as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it is not so innocent a doctrine at all, it is pagan, especially if one insists there are three “persons” of the “Trinity”.  Each one who desires to walk in the Way of Mashiyach must also be extremely careful to base our values and understanding on Scripture that was originally revealed in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages whereas the Greek is a vehicular language rather than the vernacular of Y’shua and his disciples.

“Persons of the Trinity”, is not a Scriptural term, it also includes that little and unassuming word “of” which is excessively problematic, think of how we use the word “of” in the English language.  “Of” as in caused by, from the total or group comprising of, associated with or adhering to, belonging or connected to, possessing or having, one’s part, containing or carrying, centered on or directed towards, produced by or issuing from, characterized or identified with, with reference to, in respect to, set aside for. For example: Fred that is of Bill’s clan means that Fred is caused by Bill, or Fred is from the total or group comprising of Bill, or Fred is associated with or adhering to Bill, or Fred is belonging or connected to Bill.  Ok, you get the picture I’m sure.  For someone to declare a teaching called “persons of the Trinity”, persons is caused by Trinity, persons is from the total or group comprising of Trinity, persons is associated with or adhering to Trinity, persons is belonging or connected to Trinity.  This phrase puts Trinity as a higher state than persons! as if the “Trinity” gave life to G-d?  This is the problem when trying to put the Almighty into a theological box.

The fact of the matter is that “the Trinity” has become the god doctrine of many Christians.  The doctrine itself owns the nature of G-d, and this is a very serious offense against the Word of YHWH.  The sad thing is that the Trinity doctrine continues the idolatry which was set out according to the Hellenized church (christo-pagan) founders!  The doctrine of the “Trinity” has put untold thousands of innocent people to death and the intention of many Christians and Messianics is to keep this wicked heresy alive and continue to put more people in their own theologically fashioned hell!  Christians curse people to hell if they don’t accept the doctrine of the “Trinity”, I personally know this first hand, having met some of these sorry lot of Trinitarians.  The leader of a Messianic church taught that if one does not believe in the “Persons of the Trinity” they go to burning hell.  I appealed to the leader on behalf of one person who had been rudely banished from the Church, he had questioned the authenticity of the “trinity” doctrine.  Not only are the fruits of this doctrine demonic and perverse, but it also robs adherents of their understanding the true Nature of Mashiyach, and each ones own Spiritual connection to YHWH and His Mashiyach!

May Christians have their personal identity wrapped up as “Trinitarians,” and rather than consider how they are making an idol out of the word Trinity, a word that is not found in Scripture.

YHWH the Father is outside of time and space.  Y’shua Mashiyach operates both outside of time and within time and space.  Y’shua is the Right Hand of YHWH who is waiting until all his enemies are put under his feet.  The Ruach haKodesh is the Spirit if YHWH, not a person.  You have a spirit, you have a mind and body, but one would never separate your spirit from your soul as though they are two different beings, this is where the Church fell into paganism, because the Trinity thinking was brought into the Church by polytheistic pagans.

“Born from the Beginning”

We have seen and also witness in Y’shua that when we do Teshuva (repent of our sin and Observe Torah) and accept Y’shua as Mashiyach and confess his name, that the Ruach haKodesh abides in us.  When a person first begins to experience the Joy and Peace of Mashiyach, their neshama (spirit) is connecting with the Ruach haKodesh. This is what it means to be “Born Again”, which is something everyone aught to be EXTREMELY excited about!  those who reject the new life do so because they have not experienced their own spiritual existence in YHWH and His Mashiyach.  It is impossible for a rebellious soul, a thief or liar, or a sorcerer or anyone who practices witchcraft to experience being born again until they repent and allow the Torah to be written upon their hearts.  Being “born from the beginning” is a VERY HEBREW CONCEPT that means to be born from the head, or the beginning before sin entered the world.  A rich and famous Jew named Nakdimon came to the Mashiyach and inquired…

“How cana man be born when he is old?”John 3:4

Here is what haMashiyach replied to Nakdimon:

“You are a master of Israel, and don’t know these things?John3:10Mashiyach says something like, “where have you been Nakdimon?”  Every Jew who ever read or heard about Torah to any degree should have easily been able to figure this out.  It is the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of Mashiyach that must spark our Neshama and restore us to the Father!  It’s mind boggling that religious Jews refer to a “Shabbat Bride” but can’t make the connection that the “Bride of Shabbat” is the Ruach HaKodesh, which comes into us according to Mashiyach!  There are no substitutes for Mashiyach or for the Ruach haKodesh!  There is only One!

“Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Mashiyach which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Mashiyach, and the glory that should follow.”1 Peter 1:11

Every soul who will enter into Life, must seek to be led personally by the Ruach haKodesh, or they will only succeed in religious games.  It’s not only Avraham, Moshe and David, and all the Prophets who knew the Spirit of Mashiyach, it is everyone who seeks YHWH with a contrite heart and lives a set apart life in Him.  Various religions use alternative names and titles for YHWH like “HaShem”, “Adonai”, “Elokim”, “the LORD”, “Lord” etc, but YHWH warns us through the prophet Jeremiah that “the false pen of the scribes works falsehood” and that we have to look to Him for His Name to be revealed to us.  The Name of YHWH is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are saved.  In the revelation of His Name is a wealth of understanding of who He created us to be, the very purpose of life.

We are not “born again” just once in our lifetimes, we are in progression of having the Mind of Mashiyach revealed inside of us each day.  We are born by spiritual experiences when we begin new life in Mashiyach, and we grow in this new birth in our loyalty and service to Mashiyach.  There is no life in YHWH outside of Mashiyach, if we don’t continue to grow in Him, we become stagnant and begin to look around for creative ways to entertain the carnal flesh.  If we don’t love the Truth, and if we are not willing to suffer for Truth and Righteousness sake, then we will be tested and if we choose to fail, YHWH promises to send delusions that we will “believe a lie”, because His Truth is supreme and must be respected as such.  What is important to YHWH, becomes important to us.  But many people think they have an “in” with YHWH, some actually think they are getting away with rebellion because YHWH knows that they mean well.  They have made an image of god that allows themselves to feel comfortable with unrighteous living.  However, “…the carnal mind is enmity against YHWH: for it is not subject to the Torah of YHWH.”  Romans 8:7  “…know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with YHWH?  whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of YHWH.”  James 4:4  As followers of Mashiyach our mandate is to bring souls into the Kingdom and disciple them in Mashiyach, rather than adopt ideas and values of the world.In conclusion…

How then is Mashiyach, YHWH who has come in the flesh based on the following verse?

Hereby you know the Spirit of Elohim:

“Every spirit that confesses that Yeshua Mashiyach is come in the flesh is of Elohim:”

1 John 4:2

Which answer is the best one?

1) Yeshua represented YHWH by coming to earth in a human form.

2) Yeshua is invited into your Neshama, and the Ruach HaKodesh is writing Torah upon your heart.

Answer 1 is rather popular in religious circles where the onus of everything is put upon belief in Y’shua.  However it is false religion that rides on cerebral theology for salvation.  Gnosis (knowledge) is Gnosticism that is extremely humanistic that puts the emphasis on what you know, rather that becoming a New Creation in Mashiyach.

Answer 2 is the better pursuit, because even the demons believe in answer 1.

Mashiyach has a Father, He said His Father and our Father,  and He pointed us to “the Father” which means that Yeshua is obedient and commands that His followers are also obedient to the Father.

There are Seven Spirits of YHWH, and they are ONE although revealed as Attributes of YHWH.  This is why we refer to the “G-dhead” in terms of “emanations” or “dimensions” rather than “persons”, because YHWH is infinite and He has chosen to reveal a “portion” of Himself to us.  The portion is Mashiyach!

Mashiyach is the “arm of YHWH revealed” in time and space, so if we see Him, we see the Father, or at least what the Father has chosen to reveal to us. But we cannot “see him” unless we become like him.

Our Faith in YHWH must go far beyond doctrines and theologies that posture man’s theories about the “image of Elohim,” into a spiritual dialogue between our neshama and the Ruach haKodesh.  Our Faith must be based on obedience according to the authority of YHWH’s Torah, and every Word that proceeds from the Most High.  The only way to enter into the deeper things of the Word of Truth is to study the Word of YHWH in the language it was communicated in.  The Truth does not borrow ideas from religion or traditions of men, it stands alone in itself as supreme.  YHWH is One and His Name is One.  Mashiyach Yeshua is Mashiyach ben Yoseph who came to point us to the Father because the Spirit and Name of the Father is in Him.

YHWH be with you.

Shalom U’Vrachot,

Baruch Ben Daniel

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him* unto you.

*To complicate things further, Rav Shaul makes reference to an ancient Jewish understanding of “the G-dhead” when he writes, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and G-dhead; so that they are without excuse:” He is referring to the Male/Female components of Natural Creation in connection with the Nature of Elohim, which indicates that homosexuality is an abomination against YHWH.  The Ruach HaKodesh is of feminine gender, the Father is masculine, male and female are created in the image of Elohim.


Study on the “The G-dhead” Aramaic Perspective by Andrew Gabriel Roth