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The Name of


“My people shall know My Name”

The Name of YHWH (pronounced Yah-whey) was once very greatly revered and acknowledged, so much so that many were named after His Name as a way to show honour and respect.  Over the years attempts were made to hide the Name of Yahweh, the practice of speaking out the Name was almost entirely lost as Jewish and Christian religious traditions disregarded speaking the Name of Yahweh. The prophets of Yahweh foretold that would happen, they also foretold that His Name would not always be treated with disregard.  Today there is a growing revelation about the restoration of the Covenant Name of Yahweh.  Below are Hebrew Names ending in Yah or Yahu, a short abbreviated form of the personal Name of the Creator Yahweh, in English these names end with “iah” or “jah”.

NAME Strong’s Hebrew Pronunciation Meaning
Abijah <029> Abiyyah Yahweh is my father
Adaiah <05718> Adayah or Adayahu Yah has ornamented Himself
Adonijah <0138> Adayah or Adayahu my Master is Yahweh
Ahaziah <0274> Achazyah Yah has grasped
Ahiah <0281> Achiyyah brother of Yah
Ahijah <0281> Achiyyah brother of Yahweh
Amariah <0568> Amaryahu or Amaryah Yah has promised
Amasiah <06007> Amasyah Yah has loaded
Amaziah <0558> Amatsyahu or Amatsyah Yah is mighty
Azaliah <0683> Atsalyahu Yah has reserved
Azaniah <0245> Azanyah Yah has heard
Azariah <05838> Azaryah or Azaryahu Yah has helped
Azaziah <05812> Azazyahu Yah is mighty
Bakbukiah <01229> Baqbuqyah emptying of Yah
Bealiah <01183> Baalyah Yah is lord
Bedeiah <0912> Bedeyah servant of Yah
Benaiah <01141> Benayahu or Benayah Yah has built up
Beraiah <01256> Berayah Yah has created
Berechiah <01296> Berechiah Yah blesses
Bukkiah <01232> Buqqiyyahu proved of Yah
Conaniah <03562> Konanyahu Yah has sustained
Delaiah <01806> Delayah or Delayahu Yah has drawn
Elijah <0452> Eliyyah Yahweh is Elohim
Gedaliah <01436b> Gedalyahu Yah is great
Gemariah <01587> Gemaryah or Gemaryahu Yah has accomplished
Habaiah <02252> Chabayah Yah has hidden
Hacaliah <02446> Chakalyah wait for Yah
Haggiah <02293> Chaggiyyah feast of Yah
Hananiah <02608a> Chananyah or Chananyahu Yah has been gracious
Hasadiah <02619> Chasadyah Yah is kind
Hashabiah <02811> Chashabyahu or Chashabyah Yah has taken account
Hashabneiah <02813> Chashabneyah Yah has accounted
Hazaiah <02382> Chazayah Yah has seen
Hezekiah <02396> Chizqiyyah or Chizqiyyahu Yah has strengthened
Hilkiah <02518> Chilqiyyahu or Chilqiyyah my portion is Yah
Hizkiah <02396> Chizqiyyah or Chizqiyyahu Yah has strengthened
Hobaiah <02252> Chabayah Yah has hidden
Hodiah <01941> Hodiyyah my splendor is Yah
Hoshaiah <01955> Hoshayah Yah has saved
Ibnijah <02998> Yibniyyah Yahweh builds up
Ibneiah <02997> Yibneyah Yahweh builds up
Igdaliah <03012> Yigdalyahu Yah is great
Iphdeiah <03301> Yiphdeyah Yah will ransom
Irijah <03376> Yiriyyah Yahweh sees
Isaiah <03470b> Yeshayahu salvation of Yah
Ishmaiah <03460> Yishmayah or Yishmayahu Yah hears
Ismachiah <03253> Yismakyahu Yah has sustained
Izrahiah <03156> Yizrachyah Yah will shine
Izziah <03150> Yizziyyah may Yah sprinkle
Jaazaniah <02970> Yaazanyahu or Yaazanyah Yah hears
Jahzeiah <03167> Yachzeyah Yah sees
Jeberechiah <03000> Yeberekyahu Yah blesses
Jechiliah <03203> Yekolyah or Yekolyahu Yah has been able
Jecoliah <03203> Yekolyah or Yekolyahu Yah has been able
Jedaiah <03042> Yedayah praised by Yah
Jedidiah <03041> Yedideyah beloved of Yah
Jehdeiah <03165> Yechdeyahu may Yah give joy
Jehiah <03174> Yechiyyah may Yah live
Jekamiah <03359> Yeqamyah Yah will rise
Jeremiah <03414> Yirmeyah or Yirmeyahu Yah loosens
Jeriah <03404> Yeriyyah or Yeriyyahu Yah will throw
Jerijah <03404> Yeriyyah or Yeriyyahu Yahweh will throw
Jeshaiah <03470a> Yeshayah salvation of Yah
Jezrahiah <03156> Yizrachyah Yah will shine
Joshibiah <03143> Yoshibyah Yah causes to dwell
Josiah <02977> Yoshiyyah or Yoshiyyahu Yah supports
Josiphiah <03131> Yosiphyah Yah adds
Kolaiah <06964> Qolayah voice of Yah
Maaseiah <04993> Mattithyah or Mattithyahu gift of Yah
Mahseiah <04271> Machseyah Yah is a refuge
Malchijah <04441> Malkiyyah or Malkiyahu my king is Yahweh
Mattaniah <04983> Mattanyah or Mattanyahu gift of Yah
Mattithiah <04993> Mattithyah or Mattithyahu gift of Yah
Melatiah <04424a> Melatyah Yah delivered
Micaiah <04321> Mikayah or Mikayahu who is like Yah
Mikneiah <04737> Miqneyahu possession of Yah
Moriah <04179> Moriyyah or Moriyyah chosen by Yah
Nedabiah <05072> Nedabyah whom Yah impels
Nehemiah <05166> Nechemyah Yah comforts
Neraiah <05374> Neriyyah or Neriyyahu lamp of Yah
Nethaniah <05418> Nethanyah or Nethanyahu given of Yah
Noadiah <05129> Noadyah meeting with Yah
Obadiah <05662> Obadyah or Obadyahu servant of Yah
Pedaiah <06305> Pedayahu or Pedayah Yah has ransomed
Pekahiah <06494> Peqachyah Yah has opened (the eyes)
Pelaliah <06421> Pelalyah Yah has interposed
Pelatiah <06410> Pelatyahu or Pelatyah Yah has delivered
Raamiah <07485> Raamyah thunder of Yah
Ramiah <07422> Ramyah Yah has loosened
Reaiah <07211> Reayah Yah has seen
Rehabiah <07345> Rechabyah or Rechabyahu Yah has enlarged
Rephaiah <07509> Rephayah Yah has cured
Semachiah <05565> Semakyahu Yah has sustained
Seraiah <08304> Serayah or Serayahu Yah persists
Sheariah <08187> Shearyah gate of Yah
Shecaniah <07935> Shekanyah or Shekanyahu Yah has taken up His abode
Shehariah <07841> Shecharyah Yah has sought
Shelemiah <08018> Shelemyah or Shelemyahu friend of Yah
Shemaiah <08098> Shemayah or Shemayahu Yah hears
Shemariah <08114> Shemaryah or Shemaryahu Yah has kept
Shephatiah <08203> Shephatyah or Shephatyahu Yah has judged
Sherebiah <08274> Sherebeyah Yah has sent burning heat
Tebaliah <02882> Tebalyahu Yah has dipped
Tobiah <02900> Tobiyyahu or Tobiyyah Yah is my good
Tobijah <02900> Tobiyyahu or Tobiyyah Yahweh is my good
Uriah <0223a> Uriyyah flame of Yah
Urijah <0223a> Uriyyah flame of Yahweh
Uzziah <05818> Uzziyyah or Uzziyyahu my strength is Yah
Zebadiah <02069> Zebadyah or Zebadyahu Yah has bestowed
Zechariah <02148a> Zekaryah or Zekaryahu Yah remembers
Zedekiah <06667> Tsidqiyyahu or Tsidqiyyah Yah is righteousness
Zephaniah <06846> Tsephanyah or Tsephanyahu Yah has treasured
Zerahiah <02228> Zerachyah Yah has risen

“And Moses said unto Elohim, behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The Elohim of your fathers has sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his Name?  What shall I say unto them?”      Shemot (Exodus) 3:13

We know from archaeological history that the Name of YHWH was known long before the Israelites were delivered out of Egypt.  The Creator of the universe revealed Himself by the Name of Yahweh to Adam and Eve and there has always been a remnant of people who have known the Name of Yahweh and who treasure His Name.

The Scriptures also make it very clear that Abraham knew the Name of YHWH and prayed to YHWH using His ZEKER (Memorial) Name.

“And Abraham called the name of that place Yahweh Yireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of YHWH it shall be seen.”B’resheet (Genesis) 22:14

We also have archaeological evidence from all over the globe of the Name of YHWH being known throughout the ancient world, from Ebla to New Mexico USA, Paleo Hebrew inscriptions are revealing that YAHWEH is the only One True Elohim.

It is also known that the Name of YHWH is an aspirant, which means that it must be breathed along with being pronounced.  To properly understand the revelation of the Name one must say it as it was revealed.  While you inhale say the name “YAH”, as you exhale say “WEH”, (pronounced YAH-WHEY).  Saying His Name reminds us that YHWH is the Life Giver, His Name represents our life, and our individual spirits.

Imagine the predicament Moshe found himself in when he was to go up to Pharaoh and tell him to let the people of YHWH go.  How would Moshe explain that YHWH is the Life Giver? The only One True Elohim?  Moshe had much more than a theoretical experience with YHWH, Moshe had seen the Light of Yahweh appear as a flame.

“And the angel of YHWH appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.  And Moshe said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.  And when YHWH saw that he turned aside to see, Elohim called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moshe, Moshe.  And he said, Hineni.  And he said, Do not come closer: take your shoes from off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.  Moreover he said, I am the Elohim of your father, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac, and the Elohim of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon Elohim.” Shemot (Exodus) 3:1-5

Moshe faced a dilemma that each one of us faces when we try to speak the things of YHWH into the material world.  How does one go about describing who YHWH is? this is the question Moshe asked of YHWH.  Moshe was given the authority of YHWH to speak to Pharaoh, Moshe had the authority of his Father YHWH with him each step of the way, you and I also have the authority of YHWH provided we confess His Name in Truth, according to His Word which is Torah and His Mashiyach.  Each of us seems to have a tendency to think, “who am I to speak to Pharaoh?” we know also that by this weakness in our flesh we are flatly denying our Father, which is akin to thinking of ourselves as illegitimate children.

Many people are ashamed to speak the Name of YHWH in circles where it is not traditionally spoken, because of religious traditions.  Some religious people are offended to hear someone speak the Name of Yahweh, because of the “fear of man”.  We must each as ourselves where our loyalty lies, with man’s religion about Yahweh or according to our own personal and intimate relationship with Him?

I pray that as we learn and live according to the Kingdom of Elohim that we will also see His Word as our guide and delight ourselves in Him more than in any religious traditions about Him.  Let’s replace the fear of man with the Fear and Love of Yahweh.

“Now therefore, what have I here, says Yahweh, that My people is taken away for nothing? they that rule over them make them to howl, says Yahweh; and My Name continually every day is blasphemed.  Therefore My people shall know My Name: therefore they shall know in that day that I Am He that speaks: behold, it is I.  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that brings good tidings, that publishes peace; that brings good tidings of good, that publishes salvation; that says unto Zion, Your Mighty One reigns!  Your watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when Yahweh shall bring again Zion.  Break forth into joy, sing together, you waste places of Jerusalem: for Yahweh has comforted His people, he has redeemed Jerusalem.  Yahweh has made bare His Holy Arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our Elohim.” Isaiah 52:5-10

Yahweh says “My people shall know My Name this refers to how we magnify His Name in our hearts and in our lives, we have every reason to rejoice and speak the Name of Yahweh as our Father in Heaven.  Regardless of Jewish or Christian religious traditions of men regarding saying the Name of Yahweh it is clear that our Father Himself has a different perspective.  We see above that the Name of Yahweh is connected with the revelation of Mashiyach and we know that Zion is the Government of Mashiyach who declared the Name of Yahweh to his people, this was the reason Y’shua was crucified.

A Jewish fairy tale tells of how Y’shua learned the Name of Yahweh in the Temple and then secretly removed the Name of Yahweh outside the Temple and began healing and doing miracles in the Name of Yahweh.  The fact of the matter is that Y’shua upbraided the religious traditions of his day, one of those traditions was to hide and conceal the Name of Yahweh from being pronounced.

“Save now, I beseech thee, O Yahweh: O Yahweh, I beseech thee,send now prosperity. Blessed be he that comes in the name of Yahweh:we have blessed you out of the house of Yahweh.” Psalm 118:25-26

At the end of his ministry on this earth, when Y’shua was riding up the Kidron valley into Jerusalem there were tens of thousands of people shouting, “Baruch haBa b’Shem Yahweh”.  Blessed is he that comes in the Name of Yahweh.  Those earliest of followers of Y’shua were persecuted and hated by the religious status quo who had placed a ban (as today) on speaking the Name of Yahweh.

What Y’shua did was circumvent the religious traditions of men so that his people could learn to have a relationship with the Father Yahweh and enter into His Kingdom.   Today, the same dynamics are at play.  Most people would rather come under religious authority and be accepted by the religious status quo who have banned speaking the Name of Yahweh.  So the question is, do we live according to the fear of man, and follow the ban against speaking the Name of Yahweh, or do we take our authority from His Word and His Spirit that tells us to break down all false religious traditions that are meant to cause us to come under the authority of a religious hierarchy of men, rather than Yahweh?

The Name of our Father Yahweh is Holy and Just and Good.  I pray that you choose His Ways, rather than a religion about Him.

YHWH be with you,

Baruch Ben Daniel