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Who are we? We come from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds to return to the Way of Yeshua Mashiyach. We hold the Word of YHWH as our authority and the Ruach HaKodesh as our guide. We live by Faith in Yeshua Mashiyach and Observe Torah (instructions in righteousness). We open our hearts to the Ruach Kadosh (Set-Apart Holy Spirit), and return to Ancient Paths of YHWH, living unto YHWH as He writes His Torah upon our hearts. We follow the anointing of the Ruach which infuses our souls with the purpose of life along with inherent gifts and abilities. Although some tradition may be harmless or even beneficial, we reject Tradition which goes against Torah and the teachings of Yeshua. Religion is known to usurp authority from the Word of YHWH only to establish ideas of man, we reject this as confusion.

Each soul is the workmanship of the Most High Elohim (G-d). Those who seek to know YHWH are re-made in the “Image of Elohim” through being called into the Malchut Elohim (Kingdom of G-d) in Yeshua Mashiyach. YHWH has called His people to walk in Righteousness and be a Kedoshim (Holy People) which means we live for Him and enter into His Kingdom. We uphold the Kadosh Scripture as the Gospel in it’s entirety, Genesis to Revelation.

The very Good News begins with…

“In the Beginning Elohim (God) Created the Heaven and the Earth”.

In our return to the “ancient paths” we experience Truth as a way of Living and Being, not as a theological model, but as the authority of the Word of YHWH according to the Ruach. Truth is not a theological or cerebral exercise, it is the application of the Word of YHWH which produces Love, Justice, Faith, Peace and Prosperity. Many Reform movements since the 1st Century have made incremental steps to leave man’s religions and return to righteous living. The focus of Reformers has been to fix the broken religious system which those reformers had once been part. In most cases Reform movements were polarized against false leadership that used the Bible to establish their tyrannical and evil schemes. No reform movements has been focused solely on returning to the Ancient Paths, they have opted only to free themselves from the real and present dangers of false religious systems. Although reformers did their best during their day, there is much more access to Truth, Knowledge and information today than ever was since Yeshua Mashiyach brought the knowledge of the Malchut (Kingdom) of Elohim to this world. The Netzarim of today are become equipped by the Ruach HaKodesh to establish the roots of the One True Faith and seek the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh as revealed in the early days of the Netzarim movement. The called out ones of YHWH walk upright as Talmidim of Yeshua and do not deny the One True Faith;

“And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb,

and by the word of their testimony;

and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Our confidence to live for Yeshua is strengthened by knowing we are living just outside “the Day of YHWH” which will culminate with the return of Yeshua Mashiyach. Yeshua will return as Mashiyach Ben David putting all enemies of Justice, Faith and Mercy under His Feet. Yeshua will install His Government that will be bring true Peace and Freedom according to His Torah, but, in the meantime His enemies rage against Him and plot vain things. As servants of the Most High Elohim, we choose to live our lives according to the Word of YHWH, and be joined together with others of “Like Precious Faith” in Him. Many Netzarim have been rejected because of their calling and testimony in Yeshua and Torah, this only strengthens Faith and Resolve to endure. Some have come into the Household of Faith by diligent pursuit of the anointing of the Ruach HaKodesh, others are like the Bereans and have studied their way back to the Ancient Path. The Netzarim Faith welcomes all souls as equals, respecting the work that YHWH is doing in each soul during these momentous days.

The One True Faith is not a religion, it’s a Way of being. Neither Salvation or Reward is exclusive to the Netzarim “label”, all of mankind will be rewarded according to each one’s work according to the righteous Judgments of YHWH Elohim. We reject relativism and the thinking that all roads lead to G-d, although “salvation” is a free gift for all those who will receive it, we must also live in accordance to this High calling in Mashiyach and put away sin, as Yeshua Himself came to “put away with sin.”

The true faith is about having a calling and anointing of Grace (the imparting of Mercy into ones soul) allowing each soul to live Set Apart lives and refrain from carnal living. Those who seek YHWH are provided the power to live for Yeshua and open their hearts to let His Torah to be written right there. True faith is serving YHWH and others. Life is YHWH-breathed and therefore Kadosh (Holy). Receiving an “anointing”* means to be like Yeshua, to walk as He walked, and know the power of the Ruach HaKodesh (set apart spirit). Being called or anointed does not translate into conformity with religion or traditional religious values, rather it is to be a peculiar set-apart people. YHWH created each of us uniquely, therefore each of us has a unique anointing and calling in Him. To attempt to standardize or intellectualize personal relationships with our Creator based on formulae is religion, which breeds intolerance, stifles creative genius, and is contrary to community .

The Netzari faith cannot be summed up only with words and ideas, YHWH sent Yeshua to have us experience Him personally, uniquely and intimately, there are no spectators in the One True Faith. Netzari are not sinless people, but aim to reach the high calling to be a Kedoshim (Holy people). Infractions among Netzari Believers in no way diminishes the standard that Yeshua has already established for His people. Trespasses against YHWH and each other often occur because of lack of experience and maturity in Truth, therefore we miss the mark. We look to Yeshua for our example and our hope, not to other men or religion or doctrine, the true Faith means to apply the Truth to our own lives first.

The ideas expressed on this site are offered for consideration, meditation and decision. Some of the contributors to the development of this Netzarim site include Baruch Ben Daniel, Mordechai David and Natanel Alent. Our goal is to support and facilitate Netzari communities as the faithful remnant as returning to the Ancient Path. YHWH will yet again shake not the earth only, but also heaven and there will be a Kedoshim (Holy People) who will bring honor and glory to His Name. YHWH shall roar out of Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but YHWH will be the hope of His people, and the strength of the children of Israel. So shall ye know that YHWH is your Elohim dwelling in Tsiyon, His Holy mountain: then shall Jerusalem be holy, and there shall no strangers pass through her any more.

There can be no doubt that only ONE TRUE FAITH can exist in the Universe at one time, YHWH is not into relativism that makes a way for sin and transgression to run rampant. The Body of Mashiyach is not divided against itself, the standards of the One True Faith are established in equality. Those who are being called into the Faith are called to be a Kedoshim (Holy People) unto YHWH, not unto a denomination or religious social club.

Baruch Ben Daniel

Mordechai David

Natanel Alent

*The word “anointing” is a religious cliché’ in the West, the word Mashiyach (Messiah) has the same root as HaMishchah “the anointing”. According to the prophet Jeremiah the Spirit of YHWH writes His Torah upon the hearts of a Kedoshim (Holy people), no Torah on the heart means no “anointing”. There are no substitutes for Holy and Righteous Living unto King Mashiyach, only very poor counterfeits…

“He that turns away his ear from hearing the Torah,

even his prayer shall be abomination.”

Proverbs 28:9

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The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) contains the original teachings of Y’shua Mashiyach and the writings of the Shlichim (Sent Ones – Apostles). Contrary to Western opinion the teachings of Y’shua and Paul were originally in Aramaic not Greek. The Aramaic New Testament has been preserved by the Church of the East who trace their roots back to the original Netzarim followers of Y’shua. Some 360 Aramaic manuscripts (known as Peshitta) have beautifully maintained Netzarim teachings in their original language with very minor differences between manuscripts. In the AENT you will find notes referring to the recently discovered Khabouris Codex (Aramaic New Testament), 1700 footnotes and 350 pages of appendixes that detail the Netzari Faith and lifestyle of the original Jewish followers of Y’shua.

The Aramaic English New Testament was translated into English by Andrew Gabriel Roth with the help of a team of Netzari and Aramaic Primacists who are collectively restoring the Aramaic and Hebrew roots of the New Testament. We invite you to obtain a copy for your personal study to learn the Way of Mashiyach Y’shua according to the original Faith that was once delivered unto the Household of Faith.